“Why would I ever mock you? God made you so unique that you’re hot when you’re not pregnant and hotter when you are.”


“Welcome, Darling how was work?” I ask as I feel William pass by the kitchen and I’m certain he’s heading for the bedroom.

He halts, takes a few steps back, and looks through the door at me. “What are you doing?” He demands slowly, stepping into the kitchen.

I turn to look at him, who’s standing before me, looking a little worn and tired from the day’s stress, holding his suit over his shoulder. “Cooking. Again I’ll ask, how was work?”

A frown appears on his face and doesn’t leave. “Cooking? Have you seen yourself lately?”

“Yes I have,” I nod and sigh heavily “I’m heavily pregnant and for the third time, how was work?”

“You are pregnant and the last thing we both need is you stressing yourself out. Where are the maids and cooks?” He whines and complains like I just did a bad thing.

I place my hand on my waist and glare at him. “You’re just going to keep
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Gina McCoy
Loved, loved, this story and plot-line. Enjoyed reading it; in fact, found it hard to put down. The author did a great job!
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These were great books! Thank you so much 💓
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This was beautiful thank you so much

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