Chapter Seven

Ellie was sure to find me quickly when it came lunch time. She sat directly across from me, slamming her tray down along with herself. 

"What the hell are you telling Connor? Why does he all of a sudden want to sleep with me directly after I tell you he doesn't?" 

I chuckled while taking a bite out of my apple. 

"I told him that relationships required him to do his best at keeping you happy, and you weren't at all happy this morning. He probably put the pieces of the puzzle together himself."

Ellie gasped and slapped the apple out of my hand, sending it across the floor to the other side of the cafeteria. 

"You whore, that was my favorite part of my lunch today! Seriously, go join drama club or something. Why are you upset over this now?" 

She had her whiny voice today, "Because, now he just wants to jump right into bed and get this show on the road." 

I sighed, "You're kidding, right?"

"I know! Unbelievable, he just wants to sleep with me and be on his way, like usual." 

I kicked her leg under the table, getting a small yelp from her. 

"No, you moron. You were the one last night and this morning who was more than ready to get on this crazy train called Connor, both figuratively and literally. Now that he's on the same page as you just so he can make you happy, you're going to refer to him as a fuckboy? Do you even hear yourself?" 

She crossed her arms, "Why are you defending him so much lately? I thought you hated him?" 

I started packing up my lunch, "You know what, he's not as bad of a guy as everyone makes him out to be. I'm done here, but if you want to sleep with him, or don't, I don't care anymore. Just make up your mind and tell him, because you're just confusing the hell out of everyone lately."

I left Ellie sitting there all by herself and exited the cafeteria. I was walking down the hall, headed towards my locker which just so happened to have someone standing in front of it. 

"Shouldn't you be at lunch?" 

Connor smiled down at me, moving out of the way so I could open my locker up. "Shouldn't you?" 

I shrugged, not saying anything else but grabbing my books for my next class. 

"I heard what you said in the cafeteria. Thank you." 

I glanced up quickly, "You heard? You weren't even near the table, I don't think." 

He laughed quietly, "Believe me, everyone heard you two." 

I stopped what I was doing and placed my head against my locker, "Were we really that loud?" 

He placed his hand on my shoulder, "Hey, it's alright. You guys weren't even fighting that bad, like seriously, that was nothing. Thanks for sticking up for me though." 

I shrugged, smiling at him, "What are friends for?" 

We started walking towards my next class, for what reason I have no idea. I guess he just wanted to walk me to class. I had a feeling that I'd be hearing from Ellie about this later.


Eventually, it was time for my work period with Connor. I sat at my table for about 5 minutes into the hour long work period, when Connor came rushing in. 

"You're making better time, but still late." 

He tossed his bookbag down to the floor and took a seat across from me. "Sorry, I was talking with Ellie about everything." 

I leaned forward, crossing my arms on the table. "What happened, what'd she say?"

"Well, we discussed how fast we wanted to move through this relationship, and we both agreed to just let things happen when it felt right. For both of us." 

I smiled, "That's amazing, so every-"

"We just slept together in my car."

I choked on my own spit, "YOU DID WHAT?" 

There was a loud shushing noise from the librarian. I whispered my 'sorry' then turned back to Connor. 

"You don't need to tell me that, oh my god, why?"

"Well, we're friends, aren't we?" 

I nodded while shrugging, "Yeah, but I don't need to know that. I thought you guys were going to wait until it felt right." 

Connor leaned back in his chair, "Well, there wasn't anyone in the halls, and so we were just having a nice talk by ourselves. Then one thing led to another, and bam! We're in my car, she said it was good to keep going, and I slept with her. I'm sorry."

I rested my head in my hands, "Oh. My. God. Stop telling me about it all. Can we just focus on our project? Ellie is probably going to be talking to me about this later, and I just don't need anymore." 

Connor smiled while tapping his pen against the table, "Are we still on for tonight at the arcade?"

I raised my eyebrows, "Are you sure Ellie won't mind?" 

He smirked down at his notebooks. "A little bit jealous, are we? I didn't think you were that type of girl." 

I couldn't help but smile, looking up at the ceiling and sighing. "Yes, we are still on for tonight. Make sure you shower though after your practice, for my sake." He nodded his head, making a mental note of my suggestion before jotting down some notes. I leaned over the table, taking a peek at what he was writing.

"I'm high-maintenance?" 

We both laughed, "I'm learning things about you as we go through this week, I have to make sure it's all written down. Have you been keeping track about me?" 

I shrugged, "Yeah, but it's not this detailed yet. I can't believe you think I'm high-maintenance just because I want you to shower." 

He rested back in his chair, giving me a quick wink as he spoke. "I want you to shower too, then. Why don't we conserve water and do it together?"

He realized what he said then quickly started shaking his head. 

"I am so sorry, it's kind of a habit now. Forget I said that." 

I laughed, "Woah, kid. You need to break that habit, like now. You're in a relationship, buddy." 

He smirked, "Don't call me kid, I'm probably older than you." 

My jaw dropped a bit, "Alright, when is your birthday?" 

He leaned forward so he was closer to me, then whispered. "You first." 

"On three. One. Two. Three."

We both simultaneously spoke, "June."

We both looked at each other, a bit taken back. "Alright, what day was it then?" 

Connor kept eye contact, "The 7th." 

I broke the eye contact, "Damn it. Mine's the 19th." 

He shot his arms up in a victorious motion. "I knew it!" 

I crossed my arms on the table. "It's 12 days, okay? We're basically the same age." 

He smirked, picking up his stuff. 

"Sure, kid. Now let's go. The guys are probably going to the gym right now, we can hang out there until practice."

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