Nora and Zehra picked up a sleepy Ivanka from her house and headed to school in Nora’s car. Ivanka immediately fell asleep in the backseat but jolted awake when they stopped abruptly at a red light.

“Didn’t sleep well yesterday?” Zehra asked.

Ivanka shook her head. “Party at Shay Chris'.”

The light turned green but neither Nora nor Zehra moved as they gaped at Ivanka. The car behind them honked and Zehra finally found her voice.

“You. Ivanka Anne Schneider. Went. To. A cheerleader party?!”

Ivanka ran a hand through her hair. “Just start the damn car, we’re causing a block.”

Nora started driving and Zehra turned to Ivanka.

“Seriously, what’s wrong with you? Shay Chris' party? Were you high!”

“There could’ve been consequences,&rdquo

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