Zehra did get selected for the songbird contest. She squealed and hugged Nora and Ivanka, jumping up and down. Despite all her pretence and modesty, Zehra really did love singing. Seema Singh came up to them.

“Congrats, Zehra. I heard you sing, it was amazing.”


“Hey Seema, you okay now?” Ivanka asked. Seema looked confused.


“You know, you were sick and everything...”

Seema rolled her eyes and ran a hand down her face. “Listen, I’m S-I-K-H, okay? You’re Jewish, Zehra’s a Muslim and I’m Sikh. Get it?”

“Oh.” Ivanka looked dumbstruck. “Sorry...”

“It’s fine, I get it all the time. Anyways, gotta run see you around!” Seema said and ran off.

Zehra’s p

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