Zehra kicked, punched and clawed as hard as she could. She tried to recall all the karate moves she’d learned as she fought hard.

Choodan uke. Middle punch.

Star One aimed for her head.

Jodan suki. Upper block.

Alpha Star lunged at her from behind and she turned.

Gadan uke. Lower punch.

He screamed out in pain and bent over. After delivering a quick punch at Star One, Zehra fled. She ran to her car and drove off as quickly as she could.

Zehra was still trembling when she parked the car in front of Nora’s home. She managed to reach the front door without falling and was about to knock, when the door opened and she was face-to-face with Mrs. Williams, who was holding a large black bag of trash.

“Well, hello there, Zehra. What happened?”

“I-I need to see Nora&hell

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