Little Nerdy Nightmare (Completed)
Little Nerdy Nightmare (Completed)
Author: Glory Tina

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His Own Undoing - His Nightmare

Rory John Gates

The man that has it all, beautiful beyond words, sexy as hell endowed with the body that can set every girls heart on fire and isn't afraid to flaunt it. He is a businessman and successful entrepreneur. Arrogant, bossy, ruthless, cold-hearted, controlling and has no respect for anyone on the surface of the earth. He gets any girl he wants with just a snap of his finger and they'll do whatever it takes to please and make him happy, he doesn't need to have much stress getting different girls in bed because common he is the only son of THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD and has all the attention anyone can get and he makes use of it.

 Taylor Snowfall:

The girl with the nerdy glasses, but quite different from other nerds. She's the first child of the four children in the family, hard-working and the burden bearer in the Snowfall family. Although poor, Taylor has never felt inferior to anyone as she always held her head up and as never stop dreaming for a better life for herself and her family. She would gladly do anything (except sex trafficking) to escape the low standard of life. She isn't the prettiest nor is she the smartest or the most elegant of all but at least she got gut and the three Js.

The two although different, they both have one thing in common and that is the fact that they both love having two identities. While Taylor would dress up classy and endearing and costly clothes to match with high standard, Rory would disguise himself in an appearance no billionaire would appear in.

They meet in the most unlikely manner.

So what happens when the arrogant meets the daring? What happens when opposite collide? What happens when life play them both together? Will they be able to stand each other's gut? Will they understand each other, or will they kill each other before they fall?

Find out as we journey through in His Own Undoing- His Nightmare. There is war, hate, joy, tears, laughter, but most of all true love.

Please read first***

This book is fiction, some of the location, and incidents are a product of my imagination as a writer although some most names are of real people. 

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Michelle Lanzarote
...️ love it
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Denise Bostic
Getting started on this journey.

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