I opened my eyes in the morning and found myself alone in the room. I looked at the clock, it was almost noon. I sat up on the bed and found myself in his shirt. I smiled cheekily and brought it to my nose. I inhaled his shirt that had his masculine scent on it. My cheeks burned as I remembered our time together. It was magical. I just never felt that way with Tony. Maybe Roy was right, he was not worthy of me. I found a note underneath my phone on the bedside table. I grabbed the paper and started reading it.

"Hi little kitten. I really had a great time with you. I really wanted you to wake up, I tried a lot but you were in deep sleep. If I hadn't had a flight to catch, I would have stayed with you. It was a great night. I hope we will do that again sometime. But for now, take care, have something before you leave the hotel. Bye for now, hope to see you soon." I read with a smile. I found his number in the bottom of the note. I stood up and went to the bathroom.

 I took a quick shower and changed my clothes. I folded the shirt he had left me in, and stepped out of the bathroom. As I was ready, I stepped out of the room and had my breakfast into the hotel. Once I was done, I asked for the bill. But the waiter told me that everything was already paid by Mr Arthur. Who knew, the same Dominic Arthur who was known as the cold hearted man, would be such a sweetheart. 

I grabbed my phone and called myself a cab. Once the cab arrived, I grabbed my clutch and his shirt. I stepped out of the hotel and went to that cab. I hopped in and gave the address of my grandma's house to the driver. He started the engine and drove off.

After about a fifty minutes drive, the cab came to a halt. I paid the cab driver and hopped out of the cab. I went into the house and bumped into Roy. "What the fuck, Kira. Where the hell were you?" He whisper yelled at me and I frowned because I did not know why he was whispering like a thief.

"I was at a hotel. Someone I found in the party kept me occupied all night." I replied to him with a huge smile on my face. He raised a brow and gave me a mocking grin. "But why the hell are we whispering?" I asked him and he blinked a few times. He then shook his head and grabbed me by my arm. He pulled me out of the mansion and took me towards the backyard.

"We were whispering because Grandma came back home last night. Your dad called her and he told her everything. She came back and ever since she has been asking for you. We told her that she is in her room, sleeping peacefully." He replied and I pulled him in a tight hug.

"You just saved my ass. You are really a darling." I said and he rubbed my back. He set the ladder with the window of my bedroom. I quickly climbed up and jumped into my room. I quickly changed my clothes. To make grandma believe Roy and Riva, I had to wear my PJs. Once done, I quickly jumped on my bed and pulled the comforter over my body.

In a few minutes, the door of my bedroom opened and grandma stepped in. She came to the bed and sat on the edge. She lovingly patted my head and pecked my forehead. She then stood up and went away. I sighed in relief and sat up on my bed. I hopped off of the bed and gave a thumbs up to Roy who was walking back and forth in nervousness. He also sighed and showed me his ok. He went away and I stepped into the bathroom. To make it all look real, I had the shower again.

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