After dinner, we were all sitting into the living room. Aunt Stacy played a movie and we all were enjoying it. I was sitting with uncle Nathan. His arm was wrapped around me. He did not leave me alone after whatever had happened at lunch.

Uncle Nathan cleared his throat and signalled Aunt Stacy to pause the movie. She paused it and uncle Nathan sat straight. "Whatever happened today, it was not good. She is going through a hard time. And she needs us. How can you say all that, mom?" Uncle Nathan asked grandma in an angry tone.

"I was showing her the mirror." Grandma replied without thinking.

"Enough of that crap. From now on, no one will talk about Tony or Ken. Tony is now a closed chapter of Kira's life. While Ken can never deserve our Kira. Including you mom, if I heard these names into my house, I sure will make them pay. Are we understood?" Uncle Nathan asked everyone and everyone nodded their heads. Grandma rolled her eyes but she also nodded her head. I thanked uncle Nathan and he pecked my forehead. Riva also came to the couch and sat beside uncle Nathan. He pecked her forehead either and we both hugged him.

After the movie ended, we all stood up and everyone went to their rooms. As I stepped into my bedroom, Riva and Roy also came from behind. I knew they had been waiting for me to get better. They were excited to know everything about the night with Dominic Arthur. "Spill the details." They both said in union and I rolled my eyes. I went to bed and we all sat down.

I told them everything that had happened. How we met? How did we start talking? Then about the dance and the kiss we shared. Then our steamy night together. I told him how loving and gentle he was in bed with me. By the end, they both hugged me tightly. "You know, you are very lucky. I mean, who knew Dominic Arthur is one of your followers." Riva said in an exciting tone and I giggled.

Just then I remembered that Nic had left me his number. "I just remembered. He had left me his personal number. And I did not save it into my phone up till now." I said and hopped off of the bed. I went to my closet and grabbed my clutch. I opened the clutch and pulled out the note he had left me.

I went back to the room and gave the note to Roy. I grabbed my phone and typed his name to save his number. I asked Roy to hand me the paper. He was about to hand me the paper when grandma's cat, fluffy jumped in the middle. He grabbed the paper into his mouth and ran out of the room. 

We all hopped off of the bed and followed him behind. He went downstairs and we were after him. He was running around the whole mansion while we were following him behind. At last Riva caught him. I smirked and went to her. But it was too late by then. Fluffy had already eaten the note Dominic had left for me. And with the note, his number was gone as well.

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