Fuming in anger, Roy grabbed fluffy and took him to the cage. He locked him into the cage and we both were just staring at him. "This is what happens to the people or pets, who try to jump into something they know nothing about. You ate Dominic Arthur's note with his personal number. You and I are enemies from now onwards. You will experience the wrath of Roy Alfredo." Roy said in an angry tone.

"Why did you cage that poor thing? Get him out now, Roy." Grandma said from behind and we all turned to look at her.

"He peed on my bed. He will be caged for the whole night." Roy said and walked away. I and Riva exchanged looks then we followed Roy behind.

We stepped into the room and laid down on the bed. "So much for doing that again. Now his personal number is gone. Bloody, fluffy." I cursed fluffy and Riva and Roy sighed.

"I wish you will have a bitchy wife who will never have sex with you, fluffy." Roy cursed fluffy and Riva and I broke into laughter fits.

"Look, we all know Dominic Arthur. He is not a guy who would come to anyone's birthday party. Surly, Sebastian knows him somehow. All we have to do is go to Sebastian and ask him. I am sure he will give you the number. Or at least he would connect you with Dominic Arthur." Riva said and I sat up on the bed. She was right. I smiled and hugged her tightly.

"Riva, you are the lifesaver. I will go to Sebastian tomorrow and I will ask him. I know he will not decline me." I said and they both nodded their heads. I hopped off of the bed and stepped into the bathroom. I took a quick shower. I changed into my comfy PJs and stepped out of the bathroom. Roy and Riva were already asleep. I shook my head and laid down between them. We all hugged each other and I closed my eyes. It did not take me long to slip into my dream land.

-------- --------- -------- --------- ---------- --------

I was sitting into a cafe, waiting for Sebastian. Roy called him and asked him if he could meet me. He agreed to meet me in a cafe. As I was more excited, I reached the cafe fifteen minutes before. I just wanted to get his number so I would be able to talk to him. 

I waved my hand as I saw Sebastian looking for me. He came to me and I stood up. We greeted each other and took our seats. "How are you, Kira? You flew away from my party. I was kinda looking for you. You know, my girlfriend is your fan." Sebastian asked me then he complained. I chuckled nervously after hearing him.

"Yeah, I am fine and I will meet her. You can come to uncle Nathan's house anytime. And about where I went last night, I called you for that. I wanted to ask, how do you know Dominic Arthur?" I asked him and he chuckled.

"He is my cousin. His father and my mom are siblings. That's how I know him." Sebastian replied and I nodded my head.

"That means you know everything about him." I asked him and he nodded his head with a confused frown on his face.

"Let's come to the point. I was with Dominic last night." I said and he stood up from his chair. 

"You what?" He said loudly while looking at me.

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