Six Months Later:-


"Everyone, meet Kira Alfredo, my dear wife." Dominic announced as we stepped into the living room of his mansion. Everyone looked at me with shocked expressions on their faces. Sebastian turned around and spat out the soda he had in his mouth as he saw my face. You must be thinking, how did I end up here, with Dominic? Well, it happened almost a month ago.

Six months ago, after learning the truth from Sebastian, I tried to get my head back into my work. It did not take long though. The next day I was called by one of the best production houses in Hawaii. The Revero productions called me to sign me up for six months. That was the official contract they offered to the people who had not worked for them before.

I worked with them for five months and everything was fine. I even forgot everything about Dominic and Tony. I was finally back into my life, happily living like I had nothing to worry. But that was until Mr Revero's son asked me to do something I did not want to do at all. He called me into his office and offered me a latte which was really rare because he never offered anyone to sit in his office. Even I was contacted by his assistant. And I signed my contract in his assistant's office.

"So, Mr Revero. I was told that you have something important to discuss with me. What is it about?" I asked as I was expecting him to sign me up for another six months as I had heard from the lawyer of the production house. He said Mr Revero is preparing another contract for you. He said I would be working for the Revero productions for another six months. But I did not expect what he asked me to do.

"Miss Alfredo, ever since you came into our production house, we entered the top ten list of the best production houses of America. No one really knew us out of Hawaii before you. But thanks to you, we are now in the top ten list. So I would like to thank you for that." He said in a happy tone and I nodded my head.

"It is my pleasure to work with you and your company, Mr Revero. I really enjoyed working here." I replied and he slowly nodded his head. 

"But there is something. I want my company to be the number one company. And you know how it is possible. So, I want you to do something for me. Would you do me this favor?" He asked and I frowned in confusion as I did not understand what he was trying to ask me. 

"What do you want me to do, Mr Revero? I am afraid I don't understand what you are talking about?" I asked him in a confused tone and he chuckled. 

"Let me tell you clearly what I am asking you to do for me. I want Mr Arthur to work for my company. And as we all know, he is one of your followers. I know if you ask him, he will never reject working with our company." He replied and my eyes widened in shock.

"How the hell do you know that he is one of my followers? I don't remember telling that to anyone." I asked him and he laughed out loud.

"Oh, Miss Alfredo. He has been sharing your videos on his official twitter account. Do you think I would not notice something like that? You should be thanking him. If it was not for him, you would not be here." He said and I gritted my teeth. I was furious after hearing the truth. His assistant told me that it was his wish to get me to work for his production house. 

"You have got to be kidding me. I am not doing that. If you want him, you can call him on your own. But don't you dare pull me into this mess. I am out. It's my last shoot, after that I don't know you and you don't know me." I replied angrily and hopped off of the chair. I went to the door but stopped when I heard his voice again.

"Have you forgotten about the contract you have signed? It says, you will do everything the production house would ask you to do, except for anything sexual, illegal or abusive. Nothing sexual, illegal or abusive here. I am just asking you to go to him and convince him to work with us. If you did not do that, I can take legal action against you. I think you are smart enough to know what it will do to your career." He said in a taunting tone that made me grit my teeth even more. Fuming in anger, I stepped out of his office and went straight towards my car.

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