I was sitting in the meeting room of my office building. It was Monday and Mondays are always a lot harder than the other days. As the meeting was over, I stood up and signalled my assistant to do the rest of the work. I stepped out of the meeting hall and went to my office. I stepped into my office and grinned mischievously. I locked the door as I saw a woman in my Office. I went to my seat and pulled down the zipper of my pants.

I sat down and she came to me. She knelt down on the ground and grabbed my dick. She pulled it out then put it into her mouth. I threw my head back in pleasure as she started sucking my dick. It was pleasurable but not like it used to be. It took me a while to reach my ecstasy but it finally ended. Ever since I had slept with Kira, I was not able to get fully hard. No woman, not curvy bodies, not even a fully naked woman was able to awaken the desires inside me. I sometimes even thought that I needed to see a doctor. 

I got myself cleaned up and stepped out of the bathroom. I went back to my seat and opened my laptop. I started working on the project I was working on. The woman was already out of my office as I had instructed her to leave. I heard a knock on my office door. I looked up and found Kevin with a mischievous smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes and got myself back to work.

He cleared his throat and I sighed. I leaned back to the seat I was sitting on and signalled him to speak up. "Kira Alfredo is here. She said, ``she wants to meet you." He said and I raised a brow at him. When his smirk grew bigger, I knew that he was telling the truth. I signalled him to let her enter. He nodded his head and went away.

I straightened my clothes and got myself back to work. I heard a knock on the door of my office after a minute. "Come in." I said but did not look at the door. I had to pretend like I was busy. Well, in reality, I was busy with my business and my concerts. But what she did not know, in all that I still had a space in my head that kept on bugging me with her beauty. I had never felt that way about anyone. It was unusual for me.

The door opened and I could not help myself. I looked up without any hesitation. I finally saw her again after months. All the time in those five months, I had been waiting for a single text message from her. As if I was a young teenage boy who was getting excited about his crush. But I was not a teenage boy and I really never thought that she could be my crush or something. Well, definitely not my crush. She stepped into the room and shut the door.

As if, my brain shut down the moment I saw her and my heart took the control over my whole body. I stood up from my seat and went to her. She looked hesitant and distant. I did not know why she was behaving like that. Maybe, she did not like the way I left her after a night together. I somehow knew that she was not the kind who does one night stands. So maybe, she thought that I used her or something. 

As I understood that she was not comfortable with me around her like that, I decided to keep my distance. After all, she came back after all this time, I could not risk to scare her away. I signalled her and took her to the couches I had in my office. She sat down and I sat on the couch across the table. I did not say anything. I would have if my brain would not have died inside my skull. I was staring at her. She sighed and looked at me.

"Look, I am not going to stretch the point. I am going to come straight to the point why I am here. I am working with a production house here in Hawaii. And they asked me to convince you to work with them. I don't know why they needed me for that but I could not deny it as I had signed that stupid contract." She said bluntly and at the end of her sentences, she gritted her teeth angrily.

Ever felt like all hopes just died in front of you. And you can not do anything. I felt that. I just did not know why she had to come after all these months just to break my heart and murder my hopes. I really did not feel good after hearing her. For a minute, I was frozen like ice. Staring her eyes, searching for anything that could explain her rude behavior. She was really the first one who was rude with me. Otherwise, I was the one who used to be rude.

"So you came here for money and your work. Just brilliant. Looks like I was wrong about you. You are one…" I started but she shushed me by holding her hand in the air. 

"Look, cut the crap. We both know, you don't want to see me here. Trust me, I don't want to be here as well. But I can not help it all. I did not come here with my free will. I was forced to come here and talk to you. Revero forced me to come here. Look, all you have to do is come with me and allow them to click a few photographs. Then I will be free and so will you be." She said and I literally felt like killing Revero at that moment. But I controlled myself. I was sitting into my office and I did not want to create a scene there.

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