I was sitting with my best friend in a cafe. It was evening. Soon I was going to work with the biggest modeling company in America. I was excited and could not wait for that to happen.

My life was perfect. I was a YouTube star. I got a YouTube golden button just a week ago. I had my perfect dream man in my life. Tony and I have been dating each other since we started our high school.

Soon our families met each other and they also had gotten a strong bond between them. That bond was actually us. I could not wait to become his woman.

But of course, both of us had our careers in front of us. We had completed our college just a few months ago and we had started working to build up our careers. Everything was perfect in my life, or at least it looked perfect to me.

"What a life you really have gotten, kitten? You are a popular YouTube star, you are about to sign a five years contract that will change your life and boost up your career, you have gotten your golden YouTube button and soon you will marry your dream man, Tony." Samantha, my childhood friend complimented me in a dreamy tone.

I giggled hearing her. I shook my head and sip my coffee again. "It has been long. It is time for us both to be together. He said this engagement ring is getting old. It needs to be replaced by the wedding ring." I replied and held my hand in the air to show her my engagement ring.

"You really have your life, kitten. Look at me, I work day and night in that office with that scumbag of a boss to earn fourty thousand dollars only. And you are playing with money like it's nothing for you but handkerchiefs." She replied and I laughed out loud.

"That is because I used my passion as my career. I knew I was a model and a dancer. I learned how to dance then started teaching others on my channel. Plus, I did what I wanted to do. Not just for money but for myself. I told you not to run after money like that. You will regret your decision. Now look at yourself." I replied and she pouted cutely. I rolled my eyes because I knew why she was there? She had a date and she had nothing to wear. As she always says. 

"Alright fine, I will give you that blue backless dress. But make sure to hide that tattoo of yours. It will look hideous with that stunning dress. Also, go to the salon to get your body waxed." I replied as my gaze fell on her hairy legs. She quickly covered her legs with the baggy pants she was wearing. She rolled her eyes hearing my compliment.

"Yeah, yeah, I will do it. You know you are the best, kitten." She said and stood up. She came to me and hugged me from behind. I also wrapped my arms upon her arms. She went back to her seat and my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen. It was none other than my friend, Rex. He was a private investigator. 

It had been long since he called me last. After that he did not call me again. We had a fight that day and after that, he never called me again. I took a deep breath and attended the call.

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