"And the award for the best singer of this year goes to," the announcer Mr Revero said while opening the envelope with the name of the best singer. "None other than, our very own, Mr Dominic Arthur. Congratulations Mr Arthur, like always, you are the one taking this award." He completed his sentence. I smirked mischievously as I knew he was both angry and suspicious at the same time. 

Angry because I was the most popular singer not his son and I was getting more and more popular every passing day. And suspicious because he had bribed three production houses for his son, Markus Revero to win that award this year. But even with all the bribes and all the gossip he had created to push me off of the Clif of my successes, nothing worked against me.

I went to the stage, shook his hand then accepted the award. I kissed my award then looked at the sky and raised it towards the sky. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and again I saw the beautiful smiling face of my mother. A satisfied smile made its way to my lips seeing her smile. I opened my eyes again and looked at all the people who were clapping for me. I nodded my head with a smirk and was about to move away when Mr Revero called me again. "Mr Arthur." He said and I looked at him with a raised brow.

"Are you not going to say something to your fellow artists about your achievement? Are you not going to thank them?" He asked me with a raised brow and an evil smirk that hinted his hatred towards me. I chuckled and shook my head. I went back to him and he offered me a mic.

"My achievement with my hard work and my fans who followed me, liked me and voted for me. Why should I thank you and all the other people who actually mean nothing to me? I don't thank my fans on the day I get an award. I thank them everyday and in every concert. Enjoy your night, I'm out." I replied and without looking at him again, I jumped off of the stage. It was not my concert but it was my thing I always did. 

I could imagine the face of Mr Revero, clapping for me sarcastically. But I did not care. Why would I? I did not need them in my life. I was the famous business tycoon, Mr Dominic Arthur. I was called the Dom King. Dom because I was a successful business tycoon and King because I was a very famous singer. My grandfather nominated me in his will to be his next heir. And my dad did not like that. He had his business, but it was not as big as the business my grandfather had given me.

But of course, my grandfather loved me so much. He did not stop me from following my own dreams. I can remember, I had just started my high school when my grandfather asked me to choose a path. And without wasting my time, I replied to him that I want to be a singer. Grampy always knew that I wanted to be a singer. Actually, he knew everything about me. It was my dad who knew nothing about me and my mom. How could he? He did not have time for both me and my mom. 

"Hey man! You won again. I am so proud of you. Are we going to enjoy your double victory tonight or not?" My only loyal friend, Kevin asked me while he pulled me in a bro hug.

"Of course man! We are going to a club. Today, I have achieved not one but two victories for myself. It's time to celebrate. Maybe I will find someone to release some frustration." I replied to him with a chuckle. I ended my sentence with a wink. I grinned mischievously then we both bumped our fists together. I pulled out the keys of my car and we both walked towards the parking lot. I wasn't in the mood to call valet. Sometimes, we also need to give without taking. That's what I believe.

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