Zombie zone
Zombie zone
Author: Ajiboye loveth
Zombie i

Chapter 1. Zombie (i)

February twelve, Two thousand and twenty-seven.

Eight o'clock.

It was a very busy day at the Center for Disease and Pandemic District Hospital, Washington, DC. A big Laboratory and often used by the Militants. The building was so high and big, and had three entrances; The Front, Left Side, and Backside.

It's painted with white colour and so many staff members work therein and each of them has his or her position. Luis George is forty-one years old and was born in Georgia. He is six-point forty-five feet tall with black hair and brown colored eyes. One could say he's slim.

He was Married to Anabel Williams, and he also works as an Assistant staff at the Center for Disease and Pandemic District Hospital, Washington, DC. He mostly works on blood samples in the Laboratory.

In his mind, he wants to help his family but is that what he wants? Or he needs to fight for his family. A phrase people commonly associate with him is… “No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the truth.”

Luis with anxiety dropped the blood sample of a Zombie on the desk of Mrs Jane Raymond and tells her an anonymous person delivered it to the DC that very morning. The Package Read- “A Community is full of Zombies searching for it.”

Mrs Jane Raymond is the Director of the District Hospital located in Washington, DC as well. She is forty-four years old. Born in New York in the United States of America and works as Director at Center For Disease and Pandemic District Hospital, Washington, DC.

She is six point eighty feet tall. Her hair—whine deep-coloured and eyes colour black. She is chubby and intelligent.

After going through the report that was given to her by Luis, She placed a call to the Mr President Office; an order was given by the Mr. president to find the community and blow it off completely. But Luis George felt reluctant to the order because he wants them to find a solution to it.

Such as creating a vaccine. Luis gave that information because he thought they could get a cure for those zombies, but Jane wanted them to kill all the zombies at once without caring.

Mrs Jane Raymond orders the two computer analysts in the laboratory to look for the community by tracking it on the system so that they can confirm if the information was true, or a made-up claim.

On that fateful day,

Mrs Jane Raymond was having an Unpleasant Problem, she was weak, dull and had a tired look over her face; Then she decided to inject herself to relieve the pain. Immediately she took the white syringe and wanted to inject herself, a warning bell rang from Fred and Stone.

Fred is forty-one years old; Born in Italy. He works as a Computer Analysis In the Center for Disease and Pandemic District Hospital, Washington, DC. His five-point forty, five-foot-tall With medium blonde hair and black colored eyes and has a muscular body.


Stone is thirty-five years old; Born in Mexico. He also works as a Computer Analysis In Center For Disease and Pandemic District Hospital, Washington, DC. He is six-point sixty-foot tall, with short gold hair. Furthermore, he also had black eyes and looked Slim.

Suddenly, Mrs Jane Raymond heard the warning alarm. She put the syringe in her lab coat that she was wearing. Then rushed to Fred and Stone post. Fred explained to her that it was somewhere in Tacoma. Then Mrs Jane Raymond walked up to the DC pilot.

Mr Gomez was told to get prepared in the next twenty minutes because they would be leaving to search for the community in Tacoma. She wanted to check how big the community was.

Mr Gomez is forty-three years old, Born in Mexico. Works as Pilot in the Center for Disease and Pandemic District Hospital, Washington, DC. Mrs Jane Raymond ran into Joseph while she was coming from Gomez's office.

After she closes Gomez's door, she turns right and heads to her office; the office is not that far from Mr Gomez's own. Mr Joseph was on his way to Gomez's office when he met Mrs Jane entering her office.

She asked him to get prepared that he would be following her to the scene. Joseph is twenty-eight years old and works as a file keeper in the Center for Disease and Pandemic District Hospital, Washington, DC.

Luis overheard Mrs Jane and Joseph's conversation. Then he walked into Joseph's office to wait for him. Suddenly, Joseph entered his office with his mistress Casandra by his side.

He was kissing Casandra and holding her tight to himself, without knowing that someone was inside his office already. He was about to lock his office door when Luis cleared his throat, by faking a cough.

Joseph and Casandra were so shocked and quickly split up whilst Casandra rushed out of the office. Luis moved closer to Joseph and asked; “You love her?” Then Joseph smiles without uttering a word.

“Guess your wife should know about this, right?” Luis said as he smiled.

“Are you threatening me?”

“No! I just don't want that poor woman to be heartbroken”.

“What do you want?” Joseph asked with a frown.

“Good question!” Luis smiles at Joseph and both of them go out and go straight to Jane's office, but she wasn't there. She was talking to one of the DC Security officers, then she sighted Joseph and Luis coming towards her. She had to excuse herself from moving closer to them.

Not only that, but she as well told Joseph that they should be leaving now.

“Hmm, I am sorry, my wife has a…

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