"You'll do fine Kamara," Busiswa assured me through the phone. I was already imagining the worst-case scenario. 

"Besides who wouldn't love you." She continued unaware that I had spaced out a minute there.

"Okay, I have to go now thanks again Wiwa," I said meaning every word. She has been my biggest motivation to even go to the cafeteria. 

After taking calming breaths, I made my way into the cafeteria, the noise died down when everyone noticed me. Saying the situation was very awkward for me was an understatement. I was freaking out as I scanned the whole place in search of Chloe. I spotted her red fiery hair as she waved frantically Like a maniac. I made my way to her table easily and took a seat.

There were three other people at the table I noticed as I munched on my Apple quietly while taking interest in the animated argument going on between the blonde girl and a dark-haired guy. I didn't know the show they kept talking about but it was clear the guy loved the show but the blonde kept crushing his dreams of making the list. I relaxed, this wasn't so bad.

The whole cafeteria was dead silent again as everyone turned to the entrance. My curiosity for the better of me as I turned to see the source of the silence. My eyes scanned the group and I could tell they were the popular group from the way they carried their heads high looking at everyone like they were nothing but ants in their sight. I mentally rolled my eyes as I turned back to by Apple. People like them make me sick. I ignored them as they passed our table and made themselves comfortable in the table in the middle of the cafeteria.

"So Chloe" the dark-haired guy spoke up as Chloe stopped starring into space "aren't you gonna introduce us?", he asked as I noticed his smoky grey eyes which were hidden behind his bangs.

"Oh yeah, where are my manners ?", she asked no one in particular. "Guys meet Kamara", I took that as my cue and waved shyly giving them a small smile.

"Kamara meet Steph," she said while gesturing to the dark-haired guy, "My boyfriend" she announced as he beamed at me which made me realize he was handsome.

"Chrystal and her boyfriend Kelvin" she finished off as the blonde smiled at me.

"Nice to meet you after Chloe decided to be selfish and take her precious time before introducing us," she said giving Chloe a look as Chloe rolled her eyes.

"Welcome to Westville High and I would just like to say you're free to beat up anyone who messes with you ok?" She said

After that exchange, we were about to wrap up when I felt like someone was watching me so I turned in my seat just in time to meet a pair of Hazel eyes starring right at me. I took in his looks, tall, broad shoulders, messy brown hair, he was sitting at the popular table so I frowned before paying attention to my table.

The cafeteria turned silent again so I knew something was about to happen but this time I didn't care.

"Hi, I'm Mark", the guy I caught starring at me said while he sat beside me on OUR table "I hope you-", he was cut off by the warning bell 

I made my way to the rest of my classes for the day.


"Welcome back to hell Chi" Nilo my older brother snorted as he saw me at the door.

"Shut up" I muttered under my breath

"Ooh someone had a bad first day," he said joining me at the counter, "what happened?"

"Nothing NILO," I said his name through clenched teeth, "I'm fine"

"Then why does that response bother me, as your only best friend, I demand to know," he said while pushing out his chest making me giggle.

"Whatever," I said making my way up to my room and locking the door.

I started my homework which took me roughly twenty minutes.

"Chiiii!!!" Ama screamed while banging on my door

"What is it?" I asked feeling tired

"Mama needs you downstairs now" she announced, "we're going to visit the neighbors".........


Thirty minutes later we were standing on the neighbors front porch.

"Now kids please be on your best behavior ok?" mom pleaded as she rang the doorbell

"Whatever you say mumsy" Nilo muttered under his breath but mum still heard anyway.

"What was that Genilo?" She asked using his full name which meant he was in trouble.

"Nothing mom I-" he was cut off by the young Lady at the door.

"Mrs. Kidjo!" She exclaimed like they were best friends as they hugged and exchanged pleasantries.

"Come in," she said opening the door for us to come in.

I took in the large living area loving the place already.

"Luke and Chris will be down shortly," she told us while we made ourselves comfortable.

Nilo was bickering with Ama again while I tried my best to tune them out.

"Oh, Luke," Mrs. Marvel said as a guy about Gyasi's age made his way into the living area.

"We have visitors?" He asked while looking at us, his eyes staying on me longer

"Yes," Mrs. Marvel replied, "remember the new neighbors?" 

"Oh yeah," realization crossed his features as he came and say beside me "hi, I'm Luke as mom might have told you and you are.

"Kamara" I finished for him as he smiled.

"Beautiful name for a beautiful girl," he said as heat rushed to my face and I stared at my ballet flats as he chuckled

"Guess they don't tell you that often but you have to know that-"

"Luke stop flirting with that lovely girl and come help me set up dinner", Mrs. Marvel interrupted as I noticed Luke's cheek stained with a tinge of pink.

"Way to go mom" Luke muttered as he made his way to the dining area as his mom chuckled at his reaction.


"And that's how Chris got stuck with mud girl for the rest of the evening" Luke continued while everyone at the table laughed.

"Jeez, way to go ruining my first impression" Chris announced while joining the table.

"Anytime bro, anything to see Kamara's breathtaking smile," he said as I felt my face heat up.

"Kamara?" Chris said while taking spoonfuls of his food.

"Kamara" Luke replied nodding his head to me while I concentrated on my empty plate afraid to look up. 

"Oh, the Kidjo girl Mark can't stop talking about?" He asked as I snapped my head up to meet his sky blue eyes on me. My face heated up as I took his look in. He was wearing a button-up shirt and his black hair was styled in a messy way which made him look hot.

"Wait", I heard myself saying "you know Mark? " I asked confused

He chuckled in that deep baritone voice. "Yes I do" he replied as his eyes held a glint. "He's the star quarterback of the baseball team and I'm team captain", he said while leaning forward on the table.

"I wasn't at lunch today but Mark kept telling everyone about you"

"What did he say about me?" I asked as my curiosity got the better of me the second time today.

"He kept saying how hot you were and how you blew his mind and all with your beauty", he said still maintaining eye contact with me as I blushed looking away.

"Bro, you're not meant to tell her that" Luke chipped in "you're making her uncomfortable," he said in a bored tone while I bit on my bottom lip

"Oh like you know what to say", Chris replied as I heard the eye roll in his deep voice

"I always know what to say " I looked up at Luke to see him smirking at Chris

"Whatever man," Chris said while paying attention to what Nilo was telling him.

"Kamara you should do more P.E", Luke said casually and I immediately felt my eyes water at what he said. I was always conscious of what I ate but I was still plum anyway, with a little Pudge of a stomach.

"Why? " I said as the whole table became silent as they noticed my tears "I'm perfectly OK with the way I am," I said quietly as I stood up with a quiet "excuse me" and made my way out the door and back home, going upstairs to my room and locking the door, climbing into my bed and sobbing into my pillow.

Worse first day ever.

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