Ramon sat on a chair beside the bed where the unconscious melanin beauty laid. She must not be older that her teens he presumed as he watched her clutch at the sheets while her breathing increased.

She had been unconscious for four days now and if not for her rapid breathing and small words every now and then, he would have thought get dead. The doctor which he has immediately called after placing her on the couch on the living room, arrived after the storm had quietened down, told him she was in a kind of state due to shock but other than that she was alive but there was a catch. If she didn't wake up any time soon, she was liable to die of hunger. He stood from where he sat and made his way to the kitchen. After preparing the soup in a can he has prepared, he took the soup in a bowl on a tray to her room. After placing the soup on the bedside table, he went to the door to check if Lily was back from her mornin

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