Felix's Story 17

“Man, what did you do?” Paul asked as they rushed towards where Felix was standing alone.

“I allowed her to walk away. She’ll be free if she does that” Felix said slowly as he turned to his friends.

“I don’t even know how I feel towards her; why should I keep holding her by my side when because I know she won’t leave?” Felix asked slowly as everyone fell silent.

“It has been unfair to her for a long time now, I should let her go” Felix said as he started walking away slowly.

“Felix” Kola called as Felix turned towards him.

“I’ll see if you can live without her” Kola said before he walked towards him and patted his shoulder and walked away.

“Let’s go home” Paul said softly as he placed his hand around Felix. Felix didn’t know was what going on but he suddenly felt like a part of him had been cut away but his body parts were

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