Chapter 6

The working hour would usually start at eight o'clock but today Josh come to his office an hour before the work will start, deep inside him he anticipated her this time. From the last time, they meet she is always in his mind. Sipping his coffee while occationally looking outside his wall to ceiling window, he leans his back in his chair. 

Cass is standing on the roadside a few meters away from her apartment waiting for a taxi to pass by, after a minute of waiting finally she hailed the taxi and got inside. She told the driver where she is going, when she arrived at the huge building of Stanley manufacturing she can't deny to herself that she was in awe and almost can't believe that she would be working in this company from now on. Upon arriving she trotted towards the front desk, but before she could speak the person in charge smiled then greet her politely, " Good morning Miss may I know who is your name please?" Cass answered," Goodmorning, I am Cass Lim...", but before she could finish the person opposite her interupted, " Mr. Stanley is waiting for you in his office, this way please mam". She just nods her head then follows the way pointed by the front desk. 

A knock on the door was heard by the person inside so he just," come in" Josh said void with emotion in his tone. The door opens from outside then there is the face of his secretary. " Goodmorning sir, Miss Lim is already here " then after that Mr. Morris bow his head then leave without looking back to his boss. Cass was stunned to see him, she doesn't know how to react this time around. The moment she came back to her mind," Mr. Stanley, Goodmorning", she mumbled with her head down. "Goodmorning Ms. Lim", he responds with a slight smile on his lips. " I see that you have excellent school degrees so I decided to try hiring you for this job, and I believe Miss Lim would not disappoint me right?". He said with a friendly tone and slightly raised eyebrows. " Thank you for considering me sir and I appreciate it. Don't worry I won't let you down, Mr. Stanley". Said Cass with confidence in her tone. Josh, staring at her from the moment she entered, showed a rear smile;" I'm looking for that Miss Lim, I hope we have a wonderful time working together in the future." Cass was feeling overwhelmed by what she heard just purse her lips and nodded like a chicken picking food. " So I'd like to personally bring you to your office, it's next door since your my Executive Assistant." Josh humbly gestures her to follow in the next room. He personally opens the door then signals her to go in first before him. " This is your office, you can now settle your things and start working since today is the first day you can just familiarize the company's daily events, I should go now, and good luck." He then turns back to his office with satisfaction that is written on his face. When the door closes from outside Cass look around her then lets out a long sigh," This is it Cass, the first step of your dream." she mumbled by herself. 

The day passes by as quickly as blinking your eyes, it's 4:30 in the afternoon and it's the time that the employees were ready to set off to go home. Cass who is tidying her table before going out was startled by the sound of the intercom. She presses it then " Yes? what can I do for you Mr. Stanley?" she politely asks. "Hmm, are you going home Miss Lim?" ask the other line. Then she said," Yes, Sir I you have something for me to do sir?" the other line did not answer immediately but did not hang up so she just waits for the other line to answer. " I'm about to set off too, I just think maybe you need a ride..? I can send you home since it's not much trouble for me because I am heading towards the same direction and I can just drop you in your home". Cass didn't know how to respond to what she heard, but she also felt warmth in her heart that makes her unable to resist his boss's offer. As the saying goes it's an insult to refuse an offer so she must accept it in order not to offend her boss's good intention. " If it is okay for you sir, I would be happy to accept your offer." She timidly responds, which makes Josh smile while listening to her timid voice but straightforward attitude. "Okay, I will wait for you in the parking lot Miss Lim." Then he hangs up. Cass who felt a little static for his boss's attitude towards her, walkout from her office down to the parking lot where her handsome boss was waiting for her. She can't deny to herself that the beauty of her boss is very much outstanding to top it all he is not only handsome but the CEO of a multi-millionaire company in city A. He is also a kind-hearted person which only masks himself as cold and emotionless but for her, she had seen through his way of how he treated her. She also understands that in order to be a good businessman you have to mask yourself as cold-hearted so that you can't be easily deceived by the other business opportunist. Cass's mind was wandering while walking in the direction of the luxury car when she noticed the person leaning against the opened door of a BMW her eyes stared at the smiling face of a handsome man wearing his business suit she can't help but admire this good-looking man in front of her. She was almost activated by his handsomeness but she's able to hide it immediately. " Oh, I'm sorry for making you wait, Mr. Stanley," she said looking a little embarrassed. Josh didn't notice anything because when he looked at her while walking in his direction he only thinks how she looks beautiful even just barefaced. Hearing what she said he smiles at her then said with gentleness," It's okay Miss Lim, it is not that long anyway." He Gestured her to go inside the car. then after making sure that the woman is already sitting inside he gently closes the door then got into the driver's side but she did not fasten her seat belt so he leans a little to fasten it for her. Cass felt awkward with that action but she did not show it to him, she just pretends that it's like nothing. After seeing that the two of them has already settled, Josh started the car then slowly speeding out of the company's parking lot going in the direction of Cass's apartment and to the villa where he lives. They did not talk so much in the car, he plans to invite her for dinner but he disregards that idea for it is early for him to do it. He doesn't want to rush things especially for that matter, he has plenty of time in the future for this is just her first day working in his company. Cass thank him and the latter also waive her goodbye after arriving in front of her apartment.


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