His Vicious Revenge
His Vicious Revenge
Author: Darknessinpaper
Chapter 1-Her Treasure

                 "Innocence is a dangerous trait,    it often fascinates the demons!"

"Emma!" The little boy with sparkly green eyes called for his only family, his sister.

"Coming!" The young girl rushed into the room holding his little ironed shirt in her hands.

"Emma! We will be late again." He said with his cute concerned voice making her sister smile in awe.

"No we won't, stay still." She spoke as she slid the uniform shirt through her brother's arms lovingly.

She kissed his forehead after helping him get ready for school.

He was the world for her!

Emma, 22 years old, a woman who prioritized her morals more than anything in her life. She treasured her self respect dearly. Her sparkly hazel eyes had the power to attract the people with absolutely no efforts, her naivety always worried her parents.

She was like a princess till they were alive but things took an ugly turn and her life changed all of a sudden. Her parents were taken away from her in an accident. A mere accident altered her world drastically. She was broke, but couldn't show as she had someone to look after now.

Her six years old brother, James!

A girl who never knew the tactics of the world, who remained within her boundaries of privileges and was in the protection of her parents was now forced to enter the cruel world. She needed to stand up for herself, for her only little family. Her brother, he was her responsibility now!

She missed her parents, she cried in silent nights but she knew she had to be strong, strong for her brother. Life was heaven when their parents were alive. They provided them everything. She never stepped outside of her house to struggle. Just high school and then back home. She was unknown to the cruel world outside until their death caused a drastic change in her life.

She was left with nothing. Their house was snatched from them because of her father's debts. But she knew they were kept in the dark. Her father's business was quite well and it's impossible that he could be in the debt.

Her aunt then, took Emma and James, with her since they had nowhere to go but their behavior with them was seemingly bad to endure.

The aunt who once used to love her now hated her.

Why do people change so quickly?

When they had wealth everyone was nice and loving but now everything just changed in a blink of an eye.

Emma didn't want to give such childhood to her brother, she wanted to give James a bright future which wasn't possible if they lived with them. Their relatives were annoyed by providing them food and basic necessities then how on earth they would agree to pay for their studies?

That was the time she decided to stand for themselves. The girl who never left her house unnecessarily, who looked so naive that her parents were afraid for her, was now struggling with not one but many jobs. She took her brother and separated from her so-called aunt.

She changed into her baggy clothes. A big loose white shirt and blue pants. Usually, girls get ready to seek attention from guys but she dressed not to have attention. Weird, right!

She didn't have any time for dating or love in her life. Her clothes were a barrier to witness her lurked beauty. She wanted the hide herself from the lascivious gazes of men.

She hated it!

She came back after changing into her baggy clothes only to find her little brother playing cutely with the breakfast she made.

"Hey, why are you playing with that. Weren't you complaining of getting late a while ago." She sat beside him while combing his hair with her fingers in adore.

"Aaaaaa" The little boy opened her mouth wanting her to feed him.

She took the pancake she made and fed her brother in absolute awe.

Getting all the things needed, they left their small apartment and walked towards the bus stop while holding hands in joy.

She was living quite decently. Having all basic necessities and above all her brother was getting an education which she wanted. They were happy as long as they were together and very much satisfied with their lives but again fate had written something else for her, something cruel, something that would break her composure and snatch her dignity.


"Uh do I really have to attend that boring event?" Kevin complained in his raspy tone.

"Uh okay, I'm on my way." He cut the call feeling pissed off with everything. His manager was ruining his plans of today. He had a date today with a hot chick which he apparently had to cancel because of his sudden work.

Kevin Smith,is a known business tycoon. He was one of the ones, dangerously different.

The type no one could comprehend!

His father owned multiple businesses and companies which were his now. With all the money he also has connections with uncountable powerful people. He had everything money, power, and with that h, is charm stayed above all. His charm of getting women to his bed, underneath him. There is nothing he can't achieve with the click of his fingers. His aura was hard to comprehend, he had secrets, dark secrets buried within him.

However, the world knew a different impression of his. Heavy charities were done by him often just to put up a facade of being a gentleman in front of the people.

Rejection, it's a word unknown to him, his ego was all that mattered to him. Being a rich brat, he never faced rejections.

Arrogance was visible from his aura. He was the master of his actions!

Clearly pissed off from today's charity function at a school he let out a sigh, but he had to maintain his good image, as that’s what he always did to make them believe he is worthy of his own achievements.

His car stopped in front of the school the event was held in!

He turned his head and looked at the small building in an unpleasant way, seemingly not liking the place he was about to go. His veiny hand traveled to the handle of the expensive car door but just then something caught his eyes.

Precisely, two figures a girl, unusually different covered fully with clothes, while a kid, not more than 6 was beside her.

"Emma we are late again, I am going to get scolded." The little boy whined and his small lips made a pout in concern.

"No one is going to scold you. We are just five minutes late." She assured the chubby boy she had as a brother and kissed his forehead in love.

"Be a good boy and don't annoy your teachers. I love you." She spoke softly while again combing his dark brown hair with her fingers in adoration.

"Can I b-bother them a little?" He stuttered a bit, as he pronounced the word he learned lately. Emma couldn't help but smile at his adorable accent and frowned at him playfully.

"Ok I won't, Love you bye!" He kissed her soft cheek and went away with his cute little quick steps.

Kevin was seeing this scene from afar. He found it weird to witness such affection.

He certainly cringed.

"How could people love each other so much?" He thought because for him love was nothing, he only loved power and fame. He scanned her from head to toe. Being a womanizer he had a lot of knowledge about girls.

"She looks so damn naive. Well, pretty, " he paused, eyes still fixed on her, "but needs a makeover." He was lost in his thoughts when he heard his name being announced. He shrugged off her before giving his attention to the man who called him.

"Sir this way." His manager guided him.

He went to do his work and she went her own way not knowing what fate had stored for them, how a mere event was going to alter their lives!

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