His Vicious Revenge
His Vicious Revenge
Author: Darknessinpaper


The night was falling when Emma came out of the cafe. The icy wind stroked her soft skin forcing her to wrap her arms around herself completely unaware of the storm that was coming her way. She was just a few steps away from the cafe when a limousine stopped near her, eliciting a sudden wave of panic in her. Danger, Emma could feel it. But before she could take a step back, the car's door opened and she was dragged inside harshly.

For a moment, Emma couldn't process what exactly happened but then her eyes met his, and she froze. Goosebumps crept up her arms and her heart started beating violently seeing the swirls of emotions she witnessed in his deep eyes. Lust. wrath. vengeance.

Why was he here again when she'd settled everything with him? He had already made her suffer, snatched her jobs, her peace. What else does he want now?  

"We meet again," Kevin rasped as he stretched his left hand—his eyes never leaving hers—and grabbed the glass filled with wine from the fully stocked bar next to the window. He was seated on the comfy sofa, hands resting on its arms while his face held a serious expression. His usual flirty charm was substituted by a strange aura, something destructive yet alluring. He watched her, as a dominant watches its submissive before ruining them. His gaze reflected hatred and alarming anger.

Emma attempted to free herself from the strong hold that pulled her in but the huge man who appeared to be a bodyguard wasn't letting her go. She thrashed in his hold until Kevin gestured to the man to leave her.

The man's grip loosened on her arm. He bowed his head, stepped back, and then got out of the car. Emma hurried to get off too but he had closed the door leaving her alone with Kevin once again. Sheer panic began to settle within her. Breathing deeply, she struggled to open the door but failed. It was locked.

Emma looked around, finding a way to escape but none. The windows were black. Nobody could peek inside or help her. Kevin's grey eyes were studying her intriguingly. He watched her with an amused yet angry gaze. Watched how she was struggling and how fear was evident in those gorgeous eyes that adorned her face.

Her terrified eyes met his intense gaze once again and all her confidence faded as if it was never there, to begin with. He was drinking, looking threateningly calm. Shivers danced down her spine. He looked so different, scarier. His hair was disheveled, and some buttons of his white shirt were undone bringing his thick neck and well-built chest into view; something was tattooed just below his heart but it was hard to read given the cursive font or maybe it was in some other language Emma wasn't familiar with. His alluring smile was missing. He looked eerie and dangerous. Destructive even.   

"O-open the door," she mumbled, her tone less confident, despairing even. Emma was terrified. Her fear was rational. She grabbed the handle and jerked it violently but her frantic actions stopped when she felt the car moving. She looked back with her big frightened eyes, and a thumping heart but couldn't see anything except a black glass that halted the posterior view of the car from the driver's eyes. 

Emma stilled. Where was he taking her? She was alone with him. Just the two of them, and the thought alone was making it impossible for her to breathe properly. She could feel nothing but blind terror. Nothing was in her favor, the night, the time, the place, or the person. He could do anything with her.

"Why is it so hard for you to open your legs for me?" his deep voice rang in the alarming silence leaving her utterly shocked by the choice of his words. They were sharp like a sword and had struck her soul brutally. Why was he doing it? Judging her character like that? Her eyes moistened.

"Please make i-it stop," Emma pleaded. She was stuttering out of fear and couldn't even ask him anything. She wanted to get away from him. Her right hand unknowingly clenched the black knee-length dress she was wearing. His intentions were not nice.

"Tell me," he rasped but didn't look at her but at the glass, he was holding and he gulped the whole drink down, squeezing his eyes shut afterward due to its strong taste.

"I don't know what you're saying. P-please please open it," her voice cracked as she tried to take a deep breath to keep herself calm. The mental pressure she'd been going through for the last couple of days had weakened her incredibly. The lack of sleep, anxiety, and suffering made her even more vulnerable than she used to be. 

"Don't act innocent. It's not like you haven't done it before," Kevin placed the glass back on the counter and grabbed another one. An intimidating smile danced on his lips as he leaned his head back, resting it on the soft seat while his adam's apple bobbed up and down in rage as he remembered the sight he witnessed earlier when she was hugging Jimin. They looked comfortable together. So comfortable and-and close. 

 Emma frowned in confusion, her eyes turning watery. His sharp words were piercing her soul." I don't know- don't understand. Let me go," her voice quivered but he didn't say a word. 

"Of course, you don't!" Kevin poked his cheek with his tongue and smirked bitterly. 

Emma started banging the glass window frantically seeing him not respond to her queries. "Let me go please," she yelled, panicking.``Please, please-"

"Shut your pretty mouth before I make it shut with something else," Kevin growled and threw the glass in rage and the fragile thing shattered into pieces the moment it hit the floor. Emma flinched. Terror slowly began to corrupt her heart seeing his fuming eyes. She banged on the glass door harder hoping for someone to help her. She didn't want to be here. Didn't want to be with him. Or near him. He was behaving like a psycho.  Her fearful gaze met his fierce eyes—hate was visible in the depths of his greyish-blue eyes. 

Kevin cracked his neck sideways and looked down at her. She was still near the door, all curled up looking helpless and vulnerable, and completely dependent on his mercy. Leaving the comfort of the sofa, he began moving towards her. The moment Emma saw him coming closer, she brought her knees up towards her chest and scooted back, trying to get away from him but eventually lost her battle for escape when her back touched the locked door. It was a dead end.

"Stay away," she begged—her hands and feet getting cold. Even after snatching everything from her, he was still here, unsatisfied, then it meant he was definitely after the most valuable thing she possessed. Her innocence. A cold wave engulfed her yet again as the chilling thought crossed her mind. He will not leave her this time.

"I will report you. I- I'll call the police," she stuttered trying her last card but her eyes widened and her hands turned colder when he threw his phone near her.

"Call!" Kevin retorted sharply, looking slightly amused rather than afraid. Does she still not realize his power and magnificence? Being insanely rich was one thing, he was exceptionally influential too, and had strong connections. He truly feared no one.

"Please away-stay away from me," She let out meekly as her last hope was smashed but he didn't stop. Emma closed her eyes, feeling an intense fear settling within her heart. He was near her, she could smell him. Feel him. His manly cologne, his hot breaths, he's very close. She didn't open her frightened eyes. More like couldn't do so. 

"Not so daring anymore?" he taunted seeing her closed eyes and tiny fists.

Eyes are windows to the soul. She feared if she looked into his eyes, he'd get to know how terrified she was. He'll know the power he has over her. Her chest tightened and her fingers clenched the thin fabric of the dress she was wearing fearing he might tear it down any moment and have his way with her. Taint her, ravage her or maybe kill her too.

Emma let out a shaky breath having no idea what to do. How mature and strong can a twenty-two years old be? Despite performing big responsibilities, she was still young and innocent. She had never met people like him before. She knew the world was a terrible place for the weak but he was setting up a whole new example of being bad.

Kevin crouched down, bringing his face to her level he glared at her, their lips were too close. So close that Emma could feel his warm breaths bouncing on her lips. They were face to face. His fierce gaze studied the terror that shadowed her feline features. Her eyes were closed, her hair a mess as her hair bun had already loosened because of her frantic movements, and her breaths were short but quick. Ragged! She was curled up against the door, her body shaking slightly. Kevin's body twitched seeing her like that. She was looking so fragile and naive that he licked his lips gulping the rush of desires down. He's allured. Dangerously. 

"Look at me," Kevin whispered on her lips. Emma's body tensed. She made a failed attempt to scoot back once she felt his alcoholic breaths hitting her lips and stroking her cold skin. Her eyes refuse to make any sort of contact with him. Kevin observed her face for a few seconds and clenched his jaws still trying his best to keep his calm. Because he knew she wouldn't be able to face his wrath. His actual wrath. He's raging. And she was the cause of his turmoil. The images from that night got leaked somehow and they brought him nothing but sheer disgrace. Even though his lawyers got everything removed from the media and shut down the case before it could reach more people, Kevin couldn't forget that insult. He had never faced such humiliation all his life. Getting slapped by someone as weak as she was a shame. She needed to learn what happens when someone messes with him. She needed to know her damn place.

"Your disobedience will only cause you trouble, Emmeline," he whispered and her eyes opened slowly. Emmeline? She looked startled. It was her birth name and she clearly remembers she never told him. How does he know? And why does it sound so strange from his lips? Something about the way he called her as if he owned her. As if, she's his.

Kevin touched her tear-stricken face with the back of his hand and Emma flinched due to the sudden coldness his touch brought.


"Don't touch me," she jerked his hand away but the next moment he held her bun and yanked her hair back. His grip was strong. Emma's lips parted as she gasped in pain. 

"What do you think of yourself? "His eyes darkened. He was angry because of her continuous denials. His grip tightened, underscoring the madness her denial created in him. It made him mad that she didn't want him."I will take you right here Emmeline if you refuse to behave," Kevin raised his voice and gave a tug on her hair causing the bun to loosen. Fresh tears rolled down her eyes listening to his dirty talk and the way he was manhandling her. "You are nothing more than a fuck to me." He husked out, voice deep and undeniably sexy.

A mere fuck? It was downright comical because she was a fucking distraction for him. He couldn't stop thinking about her ever since they met. He was smitten by her. What a liar he was. Or perhaps his ego was too high to accept how effortlessly she had enticed him.

"Why are you do-ing this to me?" she breathed painfully. The corners of her eyes dampen with fresh tears. Can't he see she was crying? Or how badly he's hurting her? Does he not care anymore? Why? He used to be so gentle with her.

"Your stubbornness entices me, Emma. Makes me wanna fuck it out of you."

She squeezed her eyes shut and sobbed. His words were hurting her tremendously. "Forgive me," she apologized, not knowing why she did it when he was the one who was hurting her but she did it anyway. "Please," Her voice quivered and her body trembled in his hold. Emma placed her left arm against her chest. The uncanny fear that he'll rip her clothes like he did last time kept her wary. Her right hand touched his, trying to get his fingers off her hair. Her hair band suffered another tug and lost its grip on her hair causing those long brown curls to cascade down her back."I-I'm sorry."

"You're not!" Kevin retorted sharply and looked right into her glossy eyes and then at her trembling lips.``You look frightened, darling. Not sorry," Kevin licked his lips in fervor and she couldn't help but notice the bruise that she had left. Though it has started to fade, it was still there on his flawless face reminding her of that night.

Kevin pulled her closer to him. Unknowingly his thumb began to caress the sensitive skin near her mouth never once leaving the sight of those plump lips that fitted too perfectly against his when he kissed her. "Every action has its consequences." His thumb began caressing her skin sensuously making its way to those tempting brims. Her lips were looking too tempting at that very moment. Rosy, parted, slightly swollen, and shaking. He put his thumb on her lower lip, rubbing it slowly he dragged it downward earning a silent sob from her. He pressed his thumb against her soft lip and his eyes shone with a strange swirl of passion as he stared at her. 

His sinful actions were contrasting with his hurtful words. 

The moment she saw him leaning in she pushed him with all her might and hurried to get to the other side where the broken glass pieces were. She needed to save herself but within mere seconds he grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him before pushing her body down on the floor. Putting his legs on either side of her body, he hovered above her. Emma whimpered out, placing her hands on his shoulders, she threw her head back to avoid his lips. "Help me someb—" She tried to scream but he placed his large hand on her mouth and the other one grabbed her wrists effortlessly with one hand and brought them above her head. 

Emma couldn't breathe. She couldn't move. Her heart was beating abnormally while she felt her soul tearing apart."Hush! No one can hear you," Kevin snapped, smirking. The car was soundproof. It was one of the very reasons it topped the list of his favorites along with the fact that it was spacious enough for comfortable sex."Did you think you can disrespect me and I'll let you go with it," His body was pressed against her; his weight wasn't letting her move even the slightest. She could feel him. All of him pressed against her. 

Kevin looked down at her furiously as his mind rewound the flashes of people laughing behind his back. Flashes from earlier when she was with Jimin. He couldn't take their smiling pictures out of his mind. A fucking lowlife, that's her choice? All such thoughts were making him lose his sanity more and more. Rage filled his body to the point where he was not caring about anything. Emma didn't know what to do, what to do so he'd leave her. His madness was scaring her, snatching her last hope of getting away from him. She was trying her best to hold back, she didn't want to break down in front of him. 

Kevin's gaze drifted lower for a moment focusing on the slight reveal of her chest. The red mark was still there corrupting her beautiful skin. His eyes then darted upwards again. "So Emma," he began, voice calm and deep. "Shall I take you back to that room where it all started?"An alluring smile danced on his lips and his eyes darkened with the sudden rush of desires while hers widened in fright. "Fuck you until you can't feel your legs and your entire existence. Do you want me to do it hmm? To ruin your body just like you deserve it." His deep whispers were making her weak, she was breaking listening to his sinful words. She sobbed silently. His hand was on her mouth but she felt as if he was choking her. Her heart was thumping wildly. Emma wanted to hide somewhere from his intense gaze that was striping her of her dignity. She tried to hit him with her legs but couldn't move an inch.  

"Still resisting?" he asked, amused. Her feeble efforts were nothing in front of his immense strength. If truth be told, they were deepening his desire. The more she was fighting, the more he wanted to fuck her. His inner beast wanted to devour her then and there. "How about I show you how I own everything, even you, and mark you right here." Kevin paused and parted her legs with his knee. Her stomach shrank. "Will that make you listen to me?"

A choked cry for help forced itself up her throat and another drop of tear ran down her cheek. It seemed as if this was the end. She's completely trapped beneath him. Dependent on his mercy. She couldn't fight him and there was no one coming to save her. The car was moving at a fast speed. She didn't know where he was taking her. Was it that room, his mansion, or somewhere else? Terrible thoughts crossed her mind leaving her almost numb.

Kevin watched as her movements paused momentarily. Emma was breathing slowly. She's losing hope. And that's what he wanted. Her vulnerability was giving him intense satisfaction. Any man could grab a woman by her hair, throw her on the bed, and have his way with her but that's not dominance according to him. That's violent sex where a man controls a woman, physically. He could have done that, right here, right now. He's way stronger than her. He could easily fulfill his sinful needs with her but that's not how he liked it. He wanted her to give in. Kevin knew she was strong as she always preferred her values more than his charm. He wanted to dominate her emotionally, own her, and make her submit to him.

His sole purpose was to scare her. Needless to say, she was terrified. Shocked. Devastated. She knew nothing's the same. Nothing's going to be the same again.

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