Chapter 3| Reminiscence

Blue sky streaked with silver and orange visible from her window as she drew the white curtains and sat on the sofa placed next to the window. A pen and notebook in her hand. She glanced at the far end of the small room where her brother was sleeping, and soon a soft smile crept on her lips seeing his unusual but cute sleeping posture. Even though he was tiny, he nearly filled the whole bed. The fluffy pillows accompanied him, one in his arms while the other was straight under his legs. He looked adorable. Cuddly!

Shaking her head slightly in admiration, Emma began to write down all the bills she had to pay and then calculated the money she would be left with afterward. Only a few bucks. A sigh escaped her parted lips as she closed the notebook with a heavy heart and looked outside the window. Eyes dull, mind spinning in confusion and concerns. What she had was sufficient for their expenses, but she really needed more in order to save money for James' surgery. She needed more; More work, more money, more hours in a day. Life is tough at times!

Sadness clouded her features as the beautiful memories of the past reflected before her eyes when her mum and dad were alive. Even though she's an adult, almost twenty-two, who'd suffered and struggled a lot in the past few years and was rather used to it till now, she still feels forlorn sometimes. It's been more than three years, but she nonetheless misses them. Truly! Those warm hugs, the way they would take care of her, love her, listen to her concerns and help her no matter what. Now she's got nothing.

But memories...

Memories, sometimes a treasure and sometimes torture. Well, Emma at least had some good memories with her parents, but James never had any. He was only a few months old when an airplane crash killed Mr. and Mrs. Parker.

A mere accident shattered Emma's once perfect world. Three years, it's been three years, still, those flashes from the past haunt her. That incident broke her apart, leaving her with nothing. Nobody to lean upon. No place to go. All the family and friends who once stated that they would always be there just simply disappeared. Her house was put up for auction because of her father's debts. Well, that's what her aunt had told her. Emma knew she was lying as her father was quite a successful businessman and wasn't dealing with any financial crisis. It's impossible, he'd be in debt; however, she didn't argue much as she's young and naive and practically had no idea about business matters. Besides, she never knew how mean the world can be. How malicious some people can get for money and power. Pathetic!

However, those few days spent with that avaricious aunt and her family were enough to open her eyes to the less attractive side of people and situations.

The aunt who once loved her, or pretended to love her, thought of her as a burden now. Why do people switch so fast? When they had money, everyone was nice and loving, but things changed, people changed and that's when Emma decided to fight back. For her brother. Without a word, carrying her seven-month-old brother in her arms, Emma left that place. Left everything behind. Naive and young, she encountered a lot of difficulties at first. She suffered greatly but never gave up because she knew she had responsibilities. She had to be strong for her only family. Her adorable little bear.

A girl who wasn't familiar with the tactics of the world. Whose naivety had kept her parents worried to the point that they would always keep her close to them, hidden and treasured.A girl who always remained within her boundaries of privileges and morals and had lived her life like a princess was now doing numerous jobs to make both ends meet. Life's so unpredictable.

But she's grateful. Really! As long as she had her brother by her side, she was happy.

A frigid wave of wind shook Maple's branches reaching her window, causing a sudden rustling sound as the dried leaves began to fall slowly. Thus, breaking her chain of thoughts. She watched the fallen leaves laying on the floor of her balcony with sad eyes. Everything comes to an end. That's the bitter reality of life. Feeling the cold breeze against her delicate skin, she rose and closed the window. Her heart's heavy in her chest. Emma held back the tears and sucked in a deep breath. No, she won't cry.

The moment she looked at the clock, a small gasp escaped her mouth and she got up from where she sat. Darn! How could she let her thoughts get in the way? The intricacy of being an overthinker. In a hurry, she approached her brother who seemed reluctant to leave the bed. Leaning over a little, she pulled off his quilt and gave him a quick peck on his head. She's always been so soft with him. With all the people, actually. "Wake up, it's morning!" James whined, trying to find the edge of the duvet again, but soon felt the warmth of the bed fading away as Emma picked him up off the bed and made him sit. "Come on now, get up!" James slowly opened his beautiful doe eyes and blinked a few times to see clearly. He sulked a bit, looking at his sister, and wrapped his tiny arms around her. "Gem wants more sleep." He was mumbling, nudging his nose in her neck, dozing again.

Emma frowned and looked at his face. He's sleeping again. "Ah, okay," she began. "Alright, I thought you might want to play with Lola but-"

"Lola?" James interrupted as soon as she mentioned Lola. James raised his head, his chubby face brightened with happiness. "She's back?" asked James, eyes filled with excitement, the sleep disappearing now.


"Really? Let's go then. Hurry!" Said the little one and jumped off the bed, wanting to get to school as soon as possible. Emma laughed as she watched his untidy, unattended state, which contrasted with his enthusiasm. "Okay but let's get you ready first, hm?"

Almost twenty minutes later, Emma ran out of the living room after arranging breakfast on the counter and went into the bedroom to get dressed. She changed into her baggy clothes. A loose white shirt, blue pants, and a coat which was probably a size or two up. Every garment she possessed was big and loose on her, thus serving as a barrier to hide her tempting and untouched body from the lustful eyes of men.

She tied her wavy hair in a messy bun and walked into the living room only to find the little one playing with the food, waiting for her again. "Weren't you complaining about being late a while ago?" she asked playfully, making him giggle. Sitting beside him, Emma moved her fingers through his soft hair before helping him eat. He's such a baby. Having everything she needed, Emma soon left her little apartment and made her way to the bus stop while joyfully holding her brother's hand. Today was a big day for her and she hoped that all would turn out well.


As soon as the spectacular limo stopped outside the huge building, the director let out a breath of relief. He had no words of gratitude he felt at that moment. He's finally here. The man of the hour was here.

The car's glass slid down, his eyes _ a subtle blend of blue and gray _ taking the details with a hint of dissatisfaction. This place, although modest, but too ordinary for him. No class or luxury and it clearly failed to impress him. Kevin glanced at John momentarily, eyebrows raised with an arrogant gaze. "You wouldn't want me to fire you, would you John?"

John gulped down his nervousness and spoke in a small voice being too intimidated by the expression Kevin had at the moment. "Pardon me, sir, but it is important. For - for the media!"

Kevin stilled and looked at John for a few seconds, then hummed as his gaze drifted to the men awaiting him, cameras in their hands. Of course… the media.

The guard hurried and opened the rear door of the car, his head low with reverence. He was taught this. To obey the rich. The powerful. Gasps and whispers were heard and continuous camera flashes illuminated the crowded place as Kevin stepped out of the car. It was nothing new for him. He's used to it now. For he wasn't ordinary, everything about him was strong, confident, and magnificent.

Dressed in a tight-fitted black suit that's enhancing his gray eyes, brown hair gelled and pushed back with care, he dripped with luxury and charm. The subtle smile on his lips made him look even more handsome. Kevin buttoned his suit jacket and glanced at the people lined up outside the building, awaiting him. Taking a few steps, a man in his late fifties greeted him with a wide smile. "Good evening, Mr. Smith!" said the man, bowing his head slightly. "Thank you for coming over and giving us your precious time." A tight smile pursed Kevin's lip as he nodded in response. He surely knew how to fake it.

"I hope you'll enjoy your time here."

"I am certain I will if it doesn't take long," Kevin replied, words blunt, voice low but sharp, deep. The man looked up at him with widened eyes, too stunned to reply. Kevin smirked seeing the elder tense around him. He loved seeing how intimidated people got of him. "Of course!" said Kevin, still smirking. "Looking forward to it. Shall we? "

The man nodded and smiled nervously, his body getting tensed feeling the intimidating aura the younger exuded. No wonder why they called him dangerous.

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