Chapter 6 | Ineffable

Kevin saw as Emma made her way down from the stage and stood on the side. He heard his name being called. People cheered once he walked onto the stage carrying his powerful aura and said the words which didn't matter to him at all other than keeping his gentleman's image in front of the people. However, for everyone else, they did. His gaze kept following the girl who was standing on the other side of the auditorium but not so far away from him. She was the only one that grabbed his attention tonight. He had never experienced this instant attraction for anyone. Everything about her was mesmerizing, whether it be her figure, her face that was reflecting a certain innocence, or her loving demeanor. Everything.

Emma tensed as she felt Kevin looking at her but she dodged the feelings aside. It could be a coincidence she thought, maybe he's looking that way and not her. Emma saw the ladies looking at him weirdly, or seductively perhaps_some playing with their hair, while others licking thei
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