Chapter 7| Reticent

"Oh, Emma! She's one of them. Tremendously skilled and I must add she's a hard worker. The kids you saw earlier, she is the one who trained them.'' Kevin hummed, a sparkle in his eyes."I would like to meet her."

A moment of silence lasted between them before the old man stammered. "S-sure Sir!" Even though the old man wasn't certain why Kevin demanded to meet her, he was convinced that Emma's a diligent girl with utmost mannerism. She's got talent and she's surely one of his most valuable employees who's capable of portraying a good impression of the school in Kevin's eyes. Thus, he agreed to his demand without any argument or questions and asked one of the staff to bring her.

Moments later, Kevin saw her moving through the cheering crowd and coming towards him. And at that moment, he saw her from up close and God she's gorgeous indeed. Who would have thought the girl he saw yesterday in those loose ugly clothes would be so beautiful.

He took her all in.

Sharp features, small shoulder
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