Chapter 8| Effleurer

In less than half an hour, the crowd began dispersing. Everybody started leaving. Kids left for home with their parents, hands full of candies, eyes gleaming with joy. The once crowded and cheerful auditorium was empty now except for a few men who were busy discussing some official matters and the staff who were waiting backstage. Everyone was tired but happy. The day had finally come to an end on a good note.

"We did well," said Mina, taking a bite from her apple. "David seemed delighted receiving all those cheques," Mina added and Emma hummed, bending down and carrying the white cat up in her arms.

"I think we might get a promotion this time," Mina continued and stared at Emma for a while who seemed to be in deep thoughts. "What did that charmer say to you?"


"What did he say? You look flustered," said Mina, leaning against the wall and looking at Emma who sat quietly, fingers mindlessly running through Lola's white fur.

Emma stilled for a while, vague images from the
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Ellsie Anne
Why do you put the underscores (_like this_)? It breaks the pace and flow.

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