Chapter 32|The Wedding

A week passed in a blur and the day she dreaded finally arrived. She's had sleepless nights worrying about it, thinking about the things he would do to her.

Marriage is such an important day for every girl but for her, it wasn't a wedding, but a sacrifice.

She once had a dream of marrying a man who would love and respect her. But those days were long gone. Ever since her parents left her, all she could think about was how to overcome the difficulties and carry out her responsibilities well. Survival was difficult for someone as naive and young as she. She never had the time to think about boys or relationships because she had to worry about getting food and shelter for herself and her brother. However, Emma never thought that she would be this unfortunate to marry someone like him.

"It will look beautiful on you," said Mina, holding a heavy custom-made white gown in front of Emma who was looking at the rack of wedding dresses without any emotions.

She seemed befuddled and lost. Even t
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