Chapter 33| Night of misery

"She is so simple, I wonder why would Mr.Smith marry her?" A young maid drew nearer to her friend and whispered, her fingers lighting the scented candles.

"No, why? I think she is truly pretty. Jesus, how I wish I had hair like hers," The other one stated as she skillfully arranged the white flowers next to the candles, the two together filling the room with their opulent fragrance. She returned her gaze to the newlywed's face. "Her eyes are so big and sparkling."

"But why doesn't she look happy? I haven't heard a word since she—"

An imitative cough echoed throughout the luxurious walls breaking the silence and putting an end to the unnecessary whispering. It was forbidden to discuss their master, Kevin, or anything he does. The elderly maid Amanda threw an angry glance towards the younger ones who seemed more focused on talking about their new mistress than hurrying and finishing up their work.

The younger maids sealed their lips and began working quickly in fear. Amanda cleared her
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Betty Espinal
Thanks for the update, I believe she is pregnant with his child and now he will hunter her to the Ebro of the world. He is in love with her but do not realize yet.
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sonia gill
love Emma's charcter..........
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sonia gill
good that she left that lusty b****** .. thank you so much for the update. take care...
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