Chapter eight

"Becca! Becca! Wake up!-Goddamn it! Wake up, Becca! You've never slept in." Someone said in my ear, stroking me lightly. 

As far as I was concerned, I lived alone and no one but Xander and the police knew. 

I didn't open my eyes because I thought I was dreaming, continuing with my slumber. 

"Becca! It's 10 a.m. Wake up!" The person insisted. 

"Hm!" I groaned.

"Becca!" The person shouted, waking me up. I stumbled out of bed, a gun-that is always under my pillow-in hand. I pointed it towards the person in my room.

"Marlon?!" I asked, surprised. 

He raised his hands up as if in surrender.

"A doctor called, said I check up on you, something that you might not be okay. And he was right, look at you. What happened to you?" He asked. 

I took my phone that was covered under my vermilion duvet. Ugh! I should change the colour. I thought. 

24 missed calls from Xander.

I threw the phone back on the bed, taking note of the gun in hand, down at myself and back at the gun. I placed it on my bedside table, placed my head in between my hands, almost pulling my already messy hair out and sat on the bed.

I was having a breakdown. The events of yesterday replaying in my head, just the thought of watching my memory, it made me want to cry and tear my heart out but I had to suppress my emotions. I couldn't let anyone see me cry. I was not weak. I refused to be.

"Becca!" Marlon called for the hundredth time that morning but this time with a lot of concern. 

I wanted to lash out to keep his mouth shut and quit blabbering my name but I didn't have that energy.

How could my uncle be so cruel?

Why would he do that?

Where the hell are my parents?

I would still have been with my family if Dan wasn't such a conceited bastard.

Antonio wouldn't have died.

I would have never lost my memory.

I would never have become a bully. 

The bed suddenly sunk beside me and huge hands wrapped around me, bringing me back from my world of painful thoughts. I laid on Marlon's chest. I didn't resist. I needed it. 

No one's ever hugged me before or comfort me. I've never felt so intimate or close with anyone. I have never experienced warmth or somebody's presence before.

I instead gave in to his embrace, my tears fighting to be released and I obliged. 

"It's okay! Cry it all out." He soothed, rubbing circles with his thumb on my left arm. I scooted closer and hugged him tighter, wetting his grey designer T-shirt with my tears. And just like that, I fell back to sleep.

I woke up later, in the same position. I tilted my head up to look at Marlon and found him staring down at me.

"Did someone die?" He asked.

I shook my head bringing my gaze to my feet.

"Are you very sick?" He asked. 

I shook my head again.

He cared. I wish I did.

Marlon withdrew from the embrace, placing his hands on my shoulders. 

"I've never seen you cry or laugh or hug anyone before. Something's changed. So, I want you in that shower right now and in the next thirty minutes we should be at Dr. Xander's lab."

I just nodded, getting up and heading to the bathroom. 

Xander fucking triggered my emotions and I was hating it.

"Becca! You look more pale and quiet than usual." Xander said.

"Do you know what's wrong with her?" Marlon asked, seated beside me in Xander's lab. I was seated on the same white chair I had sat on the very first time I was there, placed in the middle of the room. 

"Don't worry big guy. It's not that serious. She won't die, trust me." Xander replied, smiling. I wanted so badly to wipe that snug smile off with my fist but my mood meter rang empty.

"Well, that's comforting." Marlon mumbled under his breath but loud enough for me to hear.

I realised then that he was always there for me. Something I should have taken note on before. He did care, despite building my walls, locking everyone out, he never gave up. 

"Doctor!" Someone called.

Xander turned.

"Oh! Becca, meet Baldowski. You haven't officially met." He introduced. Apparently, he had forgotten the guy standing behind him the whole time.

I just stared at the man who seemed to be in his late thirties and forced a smile that lasted a millisecond. 

"What happened to your charming personality?" Baldowski asked cheerfully, lifting his too small glasses to his eyes.

Xander elbowed him on his torso and shook his head.

"Don't!" He whispered. 

"Sorry!" Baldowski quickly apologised, furrowing his eyebrows.

"So where's he?" Xander asked.

"Oh! He's down by the lobby talking to some lady." He replied, placing his arms on his waist.

"Charming ladies and he's got work to do." Xander said, distressed. 

"Who is it? I could get him to fasten up whatever is going on here." Marlon suggested, looking up at the two guys standing.

I sighed. Xander smiled.

"No need! We can go on without him." Xander said. 

"And the fact we need the fucking report he made." He mumbled.

The door suddenly flew open.

"Sorry, I'm late dad! I was caught up somewhere." The person said as he entered the room. His voice was now very familiar. Where have I heard it before?

I looked up at him and immediately recognized him. He was the guy I hit on the sidewalk yesterday. He still hadn't noticed me. His concentration was on his, wait! Xander was his father?

"Flirting outside I presume you meant to say."

"Baldowski!" The guy complained. 

"Sorry Jer! He just had to ask. You know I can't lie to him." Baldowski justified. 

"Can we hurry up, please!" Marlon insisted. 

"Right! Back to work." Jer, as I had learned his name was, said as he walked over to me, still hadn't glanced back.

Finally, our eyes met and he flashed me his million dollar smile. I fucking smiled too after being a stone the whole morning.

"Hey! We met yesterday by the sidewalk." He exclaimed. 

I just nodded. Seemed like my voice box was on leave. 

"Oh you did! Becca, you didn't mention." Xander said.

Was I supposed to? I didn't even know the guy.

"Becca! What a lovely name." Jer said.

"I'm Jeremy, Xander's son. The doctor that attended to you when you woke up. I didn't quite see your face because of the mask but now that..."

"Can we do this any faster? We need to get back to work." Marlon interrupted, growing impatient. 

Jeremy looked at him coldly and for a moment, I thought I knew what he was feeling. I could tell the anger and frustration behind his eyes but they immediately turned deceiving as he changed them to warming, cheerful and charming. 

"Becca goes to rest. Point of correction." He said, wearing a deceiving smile. 

Dangerous! I liked it!

"But we need her..." Marlon started. 

"I'm sure it can wait." Jeremy insisted. 

"Jer, your report?" Baldowski asked, changing the subject. 

"Nothing serious. Just emotions finally kicking in." 

"You mean we might have triggered her hippocampus?" Xander asked.

"No! Her feelings dad, come on! We couldn't have tampered with the hippocampus." Jeremy said nonchalantly, placing his warm hand on my shoulder and shining light directly to my pupils. 

"She'll be fine before the day ends. Have a good day! I've got places to be.-Take care Becca!" He said hurriedly, stroking my cheek, throwing a disgusting look at Marlon then walked out.

"Was that it?" Marlon asked.

Xander nodded.

"Good! 'Cause we really have to go." He said, dragging me outside  with him.

We were seated in silence at his office. For the first time, my moody self had a reason behind it.

"Are you okay? Can we have a verbal conversation now?" Marlon asked making me realize I haven't mentioned a word since I woke up. Calling Marlon's name in the morning doesn't count.

I nodded. 


"Okay! Fine! We can talk." I sighed.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asked. 

"It's best if it stays between the doctors and I." I said, blowing out a breath.

I've never handled a situation like this before. I didn't know how to behave or act. It was like a new world was coming up, opening its doors and pushing me right through without giving me a chance to prepare. 

Honestly, I wouldn't because I was starting to hate the new world. It just wasn't meant for me and Xander should respect that. 

"I'll respect that." Marlon said, swinging on his chair like a nine year old, giving me a small smile.

"Anyway, back to the case. Did the guy call back, text, mail, anything?" He asked. 

"No! Still a loose end but I will get back to you as soon as possible, if he gets in touch." I said then stood up to leave.

"I'll take you home."

"No, I'll be fine!" Thanks for everything. 

"Um...wh...what about the uh, date?" He asked nervously. 

"Not soon Marlon, but soon enough." I repeated and walked out. 

I took an Uber home, all the way my mind reeling back to my memory.

I couldn't just sit when my family's future was cut short and our lives made miserable. I couldn't just suffer for all those years and not avenge.

Just as I made my way inside my house, my monitor announced a new mail. I mentally made a reminder to silence every electronic in the house. The mails were becoming overwhelming over the past few days.


I'm looking forward into seeing you tonight. Text me your address ASAP. As in right now. I'm picking you up at 8 p.m.

~Mystery man

I sighed in response, taking my phone to send him my address. He immediately replied telling me to keep my promise of the outfit.

It was going to be a long night. 

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