Chapter ten

I needed a drink.

I filled my wine glass then made my way to the said table. I picked a random chair and sat, waiting nervously. I quickly regained my composure when four handsome men walked towards me.

I leaned on the chair and sipped from my glass, plastering a smile 

and watched them. This was going to be fun.

Three of them sat, looking at me intently.

I shifted my gaze to the one standing. He had on a blue dress shirt, the first four buttons down. The rest of them had leather jackets. Thought they made them look cooler. Pathetic!

"I think you've misplaced me, babe." The dress shirt guy said, flashing a huge cute grin.

"You can sit on me. I won't mind." I said.

The four laughed.

"Why can't it be the other way round?" He asked. 

I shrugged my shoulders, setting down my glass, making myself seem so sweet.

"I prefer chairs." I confirmed, smiling innocently. 

The other three jeered while the dress shirt guy scratched the back of his neck.

"Bro, you are having it rough." One of them seated said. He was a dark skin and had a bruise on his nose, probably just broke it before he made it here.

"What do you want, babe?" Dress shirt asked.

"I'll tell you but on one condition."

"Sure! My car's just outside." He said, hurrying to take his keys out from his jean pocket.

I placed my hand on his by the pocket and locked my eyes with his.

"No! My terms handsome."

He shared a look with his companions and each gave out a dirty smirk. I mentally laughed.


I moved my hand up his torso to his collar and slowly brought him closer, our faces inches apart.

"Hand me your phone, please!" I said seductively, tracing with my finger the crook of his neck.

"Anything for you baby." He said, not hesitating to give me. Jerk!

"Good!" I said.

"You, get our make-out session on video." I added, throwing the phone to the dark skin.

"Ready!" He confirmed.

"I need answers first." 

"Then I get that kiss?" He asked desperately.

I wondered if the guy really belonged to the Mafia. He was just not tough but stupid.

"Why not?" I asked, giving him a wink.

"Why the hell did the police want to arrest you?" I asked in a whisper but loud enough for the others to hear.

"I knew it! The hot ones are always..." One of them with a fringe started. 

"Shut up!" I cut him off, giving him a glare.

"Answer me!" I said softly, putting on a deceiving smile. 

"We were caught with illegal drugs. We..."

"Man, you can't just tell her." The fringe guy complained. 

"Let-him-finish." I said warningly. 

"We were importing them from Mexico illegally and selling them illegally."

"What about the first time you were caught?" I said moving closer to his lips, licking mine seductively. 

"How do you know all this?" He asked, agitated. 

"If you want that kiss handsome, you have to make this quick." I said, tightening my grip on his beautiful dress shirt collar. 


"Dude!" Dark skin complained. 

"S-some of our men killed police officers. To make it worse, they used stolen guns. We were caught, yes, but we threatened the police with pictures." He admitted. 

"Can I get that kiss now?" He asked.

I turned to the three seated.

"Did you get it?" I asked. 

"I'm not stupid, doll. I ain't giving you this phone." The dark skin said, holding it firmly.

I smiled. Now he proved to be a Mafioso.

The game was just beginning. 

I turned back to the dress shirt guy. 

"Do you want to sit or the kiss?"


At his position, I stood up, kneeing him on his groin and throwing him on the chair.

"Have your seat first." I said, straightened his collar then turned to the others.

He groaned in pain, his hands protectively covering the area.

Sorry, hon, damage's already done.

"The phone!" I demanded.

The three stood up laughing. I really didn't find the situation funny.

"You are outnumbered doll. Look around. What are you going to do?" Dark skin said. He was such a loud mouth.

"I'm going to kick your arses." I said. 

Shit! I cursed mentally.

Why the hell did I say that?

They burst out in laughter. I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms. 

"Are you done?" I asked coldly.

"A girl against three gang members. You've got to be crazy." The silent one said, his voice deeper than the rest.

"I'm not just 'a girl'." I confirmed.

"Yeah right!" He said, rolling his eyes and removing his leather jacket, exposing a wolf tatoo on his built right upper arm. Hot!

Wrong words you chose my man.

With just the blink of an eye, I took the dark skin guy by the collar, banging his head on the table, making sure I snatched the phone from his hand.

I tried to lay him a punch but he held my fist in mid air, bringing me closer to him. I had to rely on my head. I head-butted him straight on his forehead and finally delivered my punch. I made a mental note to take some painkillers later.

The other two didn't let go. The silent one held my arm and I smiled for the opportunity he had just given me. I elbowed him right on the nose before hitting him hard on the abdomen but he didn't give up. He charged towards me and I jumped, crossing my legs around his waist. He pushed me to the wall several times. I felt sorry for my back. 

I head-butted him too, getting to my feet and kneed his groin following with an elbow on his hard back. He fell on the ground close to the other two down, crying in agony.

I bent to tuck the phone into my right boot for safety but as I stood, a chair was heading straight to my face. I slid ontop of the circular table, flipping it, spilling its contents, climbing it and balancing on its edge. I advanced towards the fringe guy karate style sending both of us down.

The phone fell off my boot but I didn't have time to grab it. I chocked the guy with my feet to unconsciousness then stood up to get the phone. Shit! It wasn't there but I wasn't too late to notice a waiter running outside with it in hand.

Before I could follow him, I was brought off my feet by someone behind me who then threw me harshly to the ground and got ontop of me. I heard a crack. I hope it wasn't my ribs.

It was the dress shirt guy. 

He threw a punch on my face. I raised my legs, squeezing his hard body between them, moving to the side so I could be on top. A knife fell off his sleeve.

I moved close to his ear.

"You're not as brutal." I whispered then stole a kiss, reaching out for the knife. I grazed his cheek with the knife as I continued kissing him then stabbed him on his side.

"A promise is a promise." I whispered then stood up and quickly ran outside. My ribs were sore.

I really didn't care of the scene I had created. I had one goal in mind. Help Marlon, get the evidence.

The waiter wasn't that far off when I stepped out. I just hoped he hadn't had time to delete the video. I climbed on a fallen barrel and jumped on him, bringing him to the ground with me. I laid a few punches on his face before struggling the phone out of his hand.

"I'm not just a girl." I said, getting up to my feet and moving away before the guy got any ideas of tripping me.

I was panting like a dog because of my unplanned extravaganza. Had to catch my breath.

I turned to go back inside when the waiter stood up.

He looked familiar. Very familiar.

Where have I seen him before?



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