Chapter twenty two

It had been three days and Jeremy hadn't left my room. My warning was only beneficial to Xander and a male nurse. The rest of the nurses came to work only to be sent to their own wards suffering gunshot wounds in various parts of their bodies. I tried stopping Jeremy but he forced me quiet, claiming I had no right to interfere as I was the one who placed him in that position.

I just hoped Xander understood what was going on and inform my parents to stay as far away as possible from the hospital. Dan was aiming to get rid of my parents and he was buying afterlife tickets for others in the process.

“You don't have to be his slave, Jeremy. You're hurting yourself for…”

“For you! I'm doing this for your safety. Dan is the worst person I've met and you wouldn't want to be under his wing.” He cut me off, saying in clenched teeth.

The room was starting to stink because he hadn't showered for days. He was sat on the chair beside the

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