Chapter twenty five


Mature content ahead.

Cold air kissed my skin as I walked towards the entrance. I looked over my shoulder to make sure Marlon was still in the car and put. He gave me a thumbs up before I nodded and walked inside.

The air was full of alcohol and cigarette smoke. I massaged my exposed wound as I took out a cigarette from inside my dress pad. I walked up to the bar and ordered for a lighter before I flipped my hair and made the bistro my audience.

I felt a presence beside me, warmth and a strong wave of cologne radiating from his body. I puffed my cigarette, looking ahead. I let smoke escape my pouted lips, waiting. Waiting for his first move.

"Veterans only!" He confirmed, his voice gravelly.

I puffed another, waiting for more. I knew he had so much to let on than what he was putting forth. Smoke flared out of my nostrils as I shuffled my feet. Music blared from behind the bar, filling

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