Chapter 42

“Are you home?” I asked Greg as I was doing my night routine. I was video calling him that night.

Thankfully, I was able to go to my room without being interrogated by my parents. I honestly do not know how Greg convinced them or what alibi did he use for them to believe, but it really doesn’t matter now. What’s important is that we weren’t caught. Gosh.

“Yup.” He turned the camera around and showed me the corridor of his floor. Then I heard the elevator closing. I pouted and nodded as I continued to put on my serum. “Are you okay? I mean, are you not sore?” he asked.

I almost dropped the bottle that I was holding. Suddenly, I felt my face reddening. Damn. “Uhh…I…” I bit my lip. My mind went haywire, and I didn’t know why I rattled to the point that I almost dropped my things. The hell?!

I heard Greg chuckle. “Hey, are you really okay? Felice. There was an amusement in his voice. I immediately glared at him. “What?” he asked, on the verge of laughing.

I rolled my eyes.

“I’m fine.
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