Defying the Norm (English)
Defying the Norm (English)
Author: Daiana

Chapter 1

"Hi, Felice!"

"Gosh, Felice is so nice!"

"Yeah I want to be like her too!"

"You bet, sis! She's totally the girl to look up to!"

I heave a sigh upon hearing those. Most college girls would want to listen to those compliments, but not me. I just find it annoying and … not true. 

I mean, it's obvious that they don't really mean what they say. They are just saying those because they want me to notice them, and they want me to notice them because I'm popular. If they get to be close with me and be with my flock, they will eventually get to the top. 

I rolled my eyes at that thought. I also once thought that being popular would give me the satisfaction that I have always wanted. Turns out, it doesn't. I was happier before when I was still invisible. 

I don't even know why I became popular. From what I remember, I was just an ordinary college girl trying to pass all my subjects to proceed. Then came the student council election, when I decided or should I say forced to run for president. It was my mom who wanted the position for me because she wants me to have a 'place' in the university. 

I just don't really get what she meant by that. Or maybe I do, but I just kept on rejecting it. 

"Hi, Felice! Uhm I just want to collect your assignment for Communication," our beadle immediately told me when I entered the classroom. 

I sighed and opened my Dior tote bag. I fished out my file organizer and got my printed assignment. I hand it to her. She gave me a sweet smile. I just nodded and did the same. 

I immediately went to my seat after. I placed my bag at my back and leaned on my armchair. Our first subject would be Philippine history , so I guess I'd just be sleeping the whole two hours. 

I just watch my other classmates making fun of each other while waiting for our prof. Almost all of them are with a group. There's the all girls group who knows nothing but to put makeup on. There's the all boys group who are obsessed with their phones. They're playing Mobile Legends, I guess. There's also a group of nerds who do nothing but read and read. Then here I am, alone. 

It's just so ironic that I am the popular girl, yet I have no specific group of friends to blend in. Well I guess, that's life, you don't get to have it all. There will always be something missing. 

"Good morning, class." My thoughts were suddenly interrupted when I heard that baritone voice. 

All my classmates stopped what they're doing. I quickly stood  to join them in greeting him. A tall and lean guy was standing in front of the teacher's table. His hair was fixed in a clean manner. He was leaning his butt on the teacher's table while both of his arms were crossed on his chest. 

I stood properly. There have been murmurs around my classmates, while prof was just looking at us. I bowed my head a little to avoid his gaze. For some reason, I don't like meeting the professor's gaze. I feel like they're gonna chew me dead. 

"I'm Gregory Landon Olivares, your professor for history 2. I suppose this is our second year-block A."  I heard him say. 

"Yes, sir," my classmates answered in chorus. I kept my head down. 

"Very well. Take your seat." We immediately took our seats. 

I heard the chalk's noise on the board so I looked up.

'Gregory Landon Olivares, BA in History.'

He clapped his hands to remove the chalk dust on it then placed the chalk that he used on the table. He walked in front of the teacher's table.

"My apologies for not being able to meet you last week. I was stuck in an important seminar. Today is our first day in this subject so I will just be discussing our syllabus."

"Sir, wouldn't we have an introduce your self portion?" a girl seated in the front said. My classmates then agreed in chorus. 

I rolled my eyes. It's obvious that they have a crush on the prof. I shook my head. I looked at the front again, but I was appalled when I saw that prof was looking at me. I froze for a second when our eyes met. I immediately avoided my glance. Then I felt something weird. My heartbeat just went fast. 

What was that about?

"All right, class. As much as I want to have an introduction with you, we are already running out of time. So, I'll just leave that task to your block secretary. Please have a sit plan ready for the next meeting." They all groaned upon hearing that. 

Prof then proceeded with the syllabus discussion. I bowed my head and yawned. God, I'm really sleepy. 

"Do you understand, class?"

"Yes sir."

"Okay, class dismissed."

Oh, thank god! 

I immediately fixed my things and put them in my bag. I waited till all of my classmates were out before I finally walked to the door.

"Excuse me, Miss." I stopped on my tracks and immediately turned around. My eyes widened in shock when I saw that it was our prof who called me. 

I thought he went out already?!

He let out a soft chuckle and continued fixing his things.

"Uhh, yes sir?" I asked politely. He looked at me and flashed a small smile.

"I am heading to the student council room, do you know where it is?" 

"Uhm it's on the building, sir, 4th floor." I pointed to the blue building beside this building. He just nodded and smiled again.

"Thanks." He carried his laptop bag and walked past me. 

I was left there, staring at his back when he suddenly turned around.

"By the way, am I that boring that you have to yawn the whole time I was discussing the syllabus?" He grinned. My eyes widened in shock.  He let out a small laugh and then walked away, leaving me speechless and embarrassed. 

Oh my god! 

He caught me yawning and almost sleeping during his class!  


"Felice, our acquaintance party will be next week, is everything ready?" Dean Smith asked. I smiled and nodded.

"Yes, dean. We already arranged a meeting for the sound system that we will be using that night. Other things are already fine and ready." She nodded her head continuously. 

"That's good. Anyway, I've come here because I have some news for you. You already know that Miss Alverez started her maternity leave yesterday right?" My brows furrowed. I nodded at the dean. 

"So, for the meantime, you will have a new student council adviser. I want you to brief him with everything that he needs to know, okay?" I slightly paused but then nodded immediately.

"Uhm, dean, who will be our new adviser?" I asked. As if on cue, the door clicked and opened wide. 

"Sorry, I'm late! My class kind of extended for a few minutes," said the guy who just entered the room. 

I stiffened in my position as my history teacher was approaching us. I swallowed the lump in my throat. Suddenly I felt my heart beating so fast again. Our eyes met then I felt my whole face in heat. 

"Nice to see you again, Miss," he greeted and flashed that annoying grin again. 

Oh my god. Can I take a break from all the embarrassment already?!

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