Chapter 2

I wasn't really that comfortable staying in the student council office ever since I knew that Sir Greg will be our substitute adviser. I don't know, every time I see him that embarrassing moment with him keeps on playing in my head.

I'd like to scold myself for being so OA with that matter. 

I groaned in frustration as I sort out the papers that I needed to sign. 

"Miss Lemuel." I almost jumped from my seat when I heard that voice. I immediately looked up  and saw my substitute adviser's face.

"Uhm yes sir?" 

"I would just like to remind you about our student council meeting this afternoon," he said. I gulped and immediately nodded my head.

"Noted, sir." He nodded too before finally closing the door. I let out a heavy sigh and continue sorting the papers. 

I took a small glance on my watch and I still have so much time before my next class starts, which is Philippine history by the way. 

When I finished arranging the papers, I quickly gathered my things and stood. I make sure that the office was locked before I walked to my next class. 

As usual, I could see and feel all the eyes that were looking at me. I just kept my poker face on and silently walked towards my building. 

"Hey, Felice!" I almost rolled my eyes when I heard that voice. I walked faster just so he couldn't reach me, but his legs were just so long that his one step is equals to my five. Plus he's an athlete. 

I rolled my eyes and turned to him.

"What is is Bran?" I asked. He just grinned at me.

"Well, nothing really. I'd just like to ask if you're up for some review later?" My eyes squinted. 

"Since when did you have time for review?" I sarcastically asked. He let out a small laugh.

"C'mon, Fel. Am I not entitled to change?" 

"Huh. Very funny joke, Bran.  Just review on your own and stop bothering me." I didn't wait for him to reply and immediately walked away. 

Tss. That guy is so annoying. He's been bothering me since high school. He's one of those good for nothing fuck boys who just wants to get in your pants. Sorry for him, I am not going to fall for his trap. He's like a baby. I don't want to be one of his girl toy. Never. 

I raised my brow when I noticed that almost all of my classmates were already in the classroom when I got in.

Wow. They surely want to impress Prof. Greg huh. I shook my head and went to my seat immediately. Not long after, sir finally came in. And there's this unusual beating inside my chest again. 

I kept on reminding my self not to attempt to sleep or even just yawn. My god. I don't want to be caught again!

"Good morning, class," Sir Greg greeted. We greeted back in chorus. 

"Take your seats." 

We all sat. 

I made sure that I was sitting straight and not slouching so I would be awake the whole class. Gosh. What can I do? History is not my thing. 

"Okay,  so for today, I will give you an advance project to be passed before your midterms. This will be my requirements for your clearance signing. Beadle, please distribute. This will be individual." 

I heard my classmates groaning upon hearing the word "individual". I rolled my eyes. I even heard one of my classmates bargaining with sir to make the project by group or at the least, by pair. Why are they so obsessed with group works? That's not even equal at all because whether you admit it or not, not all in the group works. Hello, reality.

I shook my head and just read the paper. They really tried their best to talk to sir about the project but sir was firmed with his decision on making it individual. Thank, God. 

It was the first time that I really didn't sleep in history class. Well, I was really sleepy but I forced myself not to. I even took down notes just to keep myself busy. 

I glanced at my wristwatch. Thank god it's almost time.  

"So that's it for today. Don't forget about the readings that I assigned to you. Dismissed." 

I slowly gathered my things and put them in my bag. As usual, I waited for my classmates to all go out before I did. 

"Miss Lemuel." I stopped on my tracks when heard that voice. My heart started thumping so fast. God. What did I do again? I didn't sleep!

"Yes sir?" I asked, trying my very best to compose myself. He just smiled and put his bag on his laptop. 

"You didn't sleep," he said, still smiling. 

I didn't know if I should be offended or what. His smile was just too innocent. I heaved a sigh and suppressed a small smile. 

"Sorry about last time, sir," I said, but he just laughed at me.

"Nah. That was not a big deal, Miss Lemuel. C'mon you're too uptight. I was just making the mood light. I know my subject can really be boring so I refuse to be boring too." He let out a small laugh again. "I hope you give the subject a chance. It's as beautiful as your favorite subject." He flashed a smile, showing his perfectly white teeth. 

I was dumbfounded for a second that when I got back to reality he was able to go already. I felt my heart beating so fast again. I don't know, but I feel something odd about his last statement. 

Gosh, what the hell is happening with you, Felice?! 

I shook my head in frustration and stomped my feet. I heaved a deep sigh before walking out of the classroom. Another embarrassing moment! Wow, Felice, just wow!


I was nervous while patiently waiting for my members to arrive for the meeting. Sir Greg wasn't there yet, so I really thanked the heavens above. I don't know how to face him anymore! Gosh, I should really not embarrass myself in front of him anymore. I don't even know why I always react like that whenever he would talk to me. 

Get yourself together, Felice!

"Are we all complete? Shall we start?" My eyes widened when sir suddenly came in. I sat properly and cleared my throat.

Don't embarrass yourself again, Felice. 

I kept on reminding myself as I stood and went to the front. 

"Good afternoon. Our agenda for today will be about our upcoming university acquaintance," I started and looked at my members. I avoided Sir Greg's gaze, but I can feel him looking at me. 

I cleared my throat once again. No more embarrassment, Felice. Get your shits together!

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