Chapter 6

I was becoming weirder ever since I had that talk with Karrie. Oh my god. I have a crush on my History Prof! 

I was already uncomfortable around him before, but it got worse now. I couldn't even look at him anymore! That realization made me more uncomfortable. 

I gulped when I saw him from my pheriperal view. It was our first quiz and I hate it because he keeps on walking around! I feel like my heart will go out of my chest whenever he stops beside me! Why does he even need to stop?!

Ugh! Felice, you need to concentrate! Oh my gosh. This is a quiz!

"Five minutes left." 

My eyes widened when I heard his voice. I quickly looked at my test paper and I still have three more questions to answer! Oh my gosh!

I immediately gathered my thoughts and focus on the three remaining questions. I wrote as fast as I could. I didn't even bother reviewing it. 

"Pass your papers in three, two, one."

I muttered a curse as I put a period on my last answer. 

That was so close!

I heaved a sigh and passed my paper in front. My heart was still beating fast as I passed my classmates paper in front. I slumped my back on the chair's back and waited for our beadle to finish collecting our papers. 

When she was done, she quickly handed it to Prof Greg. I quickly averted my gaze when he looked at us. 

I have this really weird feeling that he is looking at me when he is actually looking at the whole class. I don't know. I just feel like- ugh. 

You have to stop this nonsense, Felice. That's your professor for Christ's sake!

"Goodluck on your scores for this quiz. Next meeting, we will be tackling about our second module, so please read in advance. I already posted the readings for the next lesson on our group page." 

My blockmates' groans filled the whole classroom. I just rolled my eyes. I'd like to join them honestly. I am so fed up with readings already! I have other readings in other subjects as well, but history bores the hell out of me. 

I just don't know why I found myself sleeping whenever I try to read. I had to bribe myself with music and cold drink just so I could finish the assigned reading for that day or else, I'll have another embarrassing recit. 

"Class dismissed." I quickly gathered my things and put them inside my bag. 

Ever since my realization about my feelings with Prof. Greg, I swore to myself to leave the classroom immediately when he says those two magic words: class dismissed. 

I never let myself be alone again cause it just triggers my weird feeling and I hate that. 

I quickly walked towards the Student Council building the moment I came out from our building. I will be very busy for the upcoming university acquantance. 

We were already done with the theme and concept for the party. Now, we'll just be focusing on contacting sound systems and caterings for that,and as the student council president, I need to spearhead those. 

I sighed as I sat on my swivel. I placed my shoulder bag on top of my desk and got the the school directory for events. This is actually a good diversion. Being busy in the council would divert my attention from the weird feelings that I have for Prof. Greg. 

I shook my head as I dialled the number of the usual caterer of the university. 

"Hello, this is Felice from Brand University Student Council. I would like to schedule for the food tasting for our university acquaintance… yeah… I am okay this friday, ma'am. Yes. My secretary will send you the motif. Okay. Thank you."

I spend my time in the council talking to our contacts for the acquaintance. After that, I just scanned through some files that needed my signature. 

"Fel, dean said we'll have our meeting tonight at the Engineering building. Fifth floor, conference room. Also, they asked to move it at 6 in the evening instead of 5." I made a face upon hearing what the student council treasurer said. 

What the. They move the meeting! Ugh! I quickly looked at my wristwatch. It's still 4:40. What am I supposed to do with that on hour vacant?! Gosh. This school admins. Why can't they follow a schedule, huh?!


I rolled my eyes and just opened my laptop. I really hate it whenever someone makes some last minute changes. Hello?! My time is precious too! 

I just heaved a deep sigh and opened my facebook account. I went to our History group page and looked for the readings. I have nothing to do already, so might as well read in advance. 

I quickly downloaded the readings in my laptop. I almost groaned when I saw how long each pdf was. 

Here we go again with these boring pieces. I took a deep breath and stood up. I needed to get myself a cold drink first before I dive into these papers. 

I went to the nearest vendo and got myself some iced milo. I pressed the milo button and place my bill. I stand back and waited for my order. I was in that state when I felt someone beside me. 

I thought it was just some student, so I just shrugged it off. When my iced milo came, I quickly grabbed it and took a sip. I turned my back and was about to walk away when I bumped into the person that was standing beside me earlier. 

I almost cursed when my iced milo almost spilled. Good thing, he was able to hold my hand. 

"Sorr-" My eyes widened when I finally got to see who it was. 

Oh my gosh! 

I could already feel my cheeks burning when I saw the guy's face. 

"Are you okay, Miss Felice?" I gulped and quickly got off his hold. 

Prof Greg's forehead creased. 

"Miss Lemuel? Are you okay?" I quickly averted my gaze as I felt my cheeks heating up.

"Yes, sir," I just said and bit my lip, still not looking at him.

Why does it have to him?! 

Oh my gosh!

"Okay, be careful next time." I heard him say before he walked passed me and went to the vendo. 

I quickly gathered myself and run off immediately. 

So much for diverting your attention, Felice! Why do I have to always end up emabarrassed inf ornt of him?! Gosh, what is happening with you, Felice Lemuel?!

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