Chapter 7

I was not in a good disposition when I went back to the  student council office. I could even still feel my face burning. I almost finished my iced milo on the way here. 

I slumped my back on my swivel chair and put my milo on the desk. I covered my face with my two hands and shouted on it. 

Oh my gosh, Felice! Oh my gosh! I don't think I can still have a face to show him after that!  I know it was an accident, but heck! I could already picture my embarrassing face! 

Why the heck did that happened?! Why are you so clumsy, Felice! Ugh! This is so frustrating! 

I had to almost bury my face on my desk just to get that scenario out of my head. I didn't know for how long did I stay in that position. I just sat properly when I heard the door of the office opening. 

"Fel, we'll start in 20 minutes. Are you prepared already?" I swallowed the lump in my throat when I saw our secretary in the doorway.


"Yeah, I'm fine. I'll just follow. You go ahead," I just said and signalled her to go already. Her forehead creased, but I shoo her again. 

I heaved a sigh and massaged my temple. Shit, Fel, you need to compose yourself!

I closed my eyes for some minutes. When I was sure that I was already calm and compose,  I quickly stood and gathered my laptop. I heaved another deep sigh before I weny out of the office. 

The building was just across the SC office so it didn't took long before I arrived there. It's already quarter to six so the campus is almost clear. I went in front of the elevator and pressed fifth floor. 

Whe the lift opened, I entered together with my two other council members. It's a meeting for all student council members together with our adviser and the different college deans. 

I looked down and uttered a silent prayer. 

God, please don't let me mess up. I've had tons of embarrassing moments already. I don't want to add up to them anymore. 

My heart was beating so fast as we head to the fifth floor. When the elevator stopped, I composed myself again and tried to walk confidently even if I could already hear the loud thump inside my chest. 

My hands were already cold even before we entered the conference room. Shocks. Fel, come on you cannot mess up! 

I kept on scolding myself in my head. This is the first time that I am actually nervous for a presentation, and it just because of a professor who will just be an audience! I have done this countlesa times before in front of prominent people, but I never had this nervousness. 

Oh gosh, Felice!

"Looks like everyone is here. Shall we start, Felice?" our college dean asked. 

I swallowed the lump inside my throat and nodded. They all took their respective seats and fixed their eyes on us. I gulped as I got my laptop from its bag. I slowly opened it while my other members were setting up the projector on the white board. 

I took a quick peek on my audience and I my eyes immediately found Sir Greg sitting on the corner. His eyes were fixed on his phone. 

I looked back to my laptop again. Can he stay like that for the rest of my presentation? Oh gosh. 

"Felice, we're ready." I heard our treasurer said. I just gave him a quick smile and handed him my laptop. 

I was fidgeting my fingers as they set up the laptop with the projector. I looked in front and was greeted by our college deans. I just flashed a small smile at them. Sir Greg was still on his phone. I was relieved for some seconds, but then  he eventually kept his phone and looked in front. 

I immediately avoided his gaze. I turned around and slightly slapped my cheeks. Oh gosh. 

"We can start now, Fel," our secretary said. I heaved one deep sigh before I turned back and faced the college deans. 

I fixed my gaze on the group of deans in front and avoided Sir Greg's side.

I flashed a smile as if everything was normal.

"Good evening, respective deans from different colleges, tonight we will be talking about the final program for the upcoming unified acquaintance party as well as the run down of the finances that we will be needing for the food, sounds and other things…" 


I thank God that I managed to speak without stuttering because I swear my legs were wobbling the whole presentation. I almost didn't roam my eyes because I was too afraid that I might met Sir Greg's gaze and that would distract the hell out of me. 

Thankfully, I was able to finish that meeting successfully. I was able to answer their questions and I think I  did a good job there. 

I sighed in relief and started fixing my laptop. The others were fixing the materials that we used also. When I was done fixing my things, I immediately got my bag and went to my members. 

"Are we done?" I asked. They all nodded.

"We'll just return this to the council room, you girls can go ahead," Bryan, the treasurer said. 

"You sure?" I asked. He just nodded. 

"Okay. We'll go ahead then. Good job. Just give me a daily update regarding your tasks, okay?" I reminded them. They just responded okay in chorus. 

I went out of the conference ahead of them. I called our driver upon riding the elevator. It's already 7 in the evening and I want to go home already. 

"Hello? Kuya Dave, I'm already done with my meeting. Are you in school already?" 

"Ma'am Felice, sorry. I cannot fetch you right now. I need to drive your mother to her late dinner meeting." 

"What? But who will fetch me?"

"Uhm I'll ask your mother, Ma'am."

"Okay. Thank you, kuya." 

I ended the call and massaged my temple. Oh my gosh. How am I supposed to go home? I groaned in frustration and went out of the elevator.

The school was quiet already. The parking was almost empty, too. I looked at my phone and it says 7:15. I could book a grab, but then I have no big cash here! I don't bring big amount of cash in school because I usually use cards. There is alao no ATM machine nearby since our school accepts cards for payments. Even the canteen accepts cash. My coins here are for the sole purpose of the vendo. 


I stomped my feet and made my way to the guard's house. I'm just gonna wait there. I was constantly checking my phone for our driver's message or calls. 

Ten minutes has passed and still none came. I was starting to get irritated already. Oh my gosh! 

I dialled mommy's number, but it was out of coverage. My gosh, I really swear to god!

"Bye sir, good evening!" 

I turned around when I heard what manong guard said. My forehead creased upon seeing a white audi passing by the gate. I didn't know who's car it was because it was heavily tinted, so I was confused when it stopped in front of my. I just stared at it for a moment, and then the window of the driver's seat rolled down.

"Miss Lemuel, what are you still doing here?" 

My eyes widened a bit and I felt like my whole being froze when I saw Sir Greg's face. 

What the heck!

"Miss Lemuel, do you need a ride?" 

Oh my gosh! 

"Miss Lemuel, are you okay?" 

His forehead creased and looked at me weirdly.  That's when I realized what I was doing. Oh fudge!

I blinked multiple times and gulped. Felice Lemuel, what the hell?!

"Uhm m-my driver can't make it, sir…" I said and  looked away. 

"Is that so? I can give you a ride." I immediately look at him when I heard that. 

Shit. Me? In his car? Just the two of us?

I gulped again and was about to shake my head when he cut me off.

"Come on, hop in. I know where you live. It's just on the way to my condo, I can drop you off." 

"B-But sir-" I was about to say no again, but he cut me off…again.

"It's getting late and it's traffic. Come on. Just tell your house that you'll hitch a ride," he urged. I bit my lip. 

I looked at my phone once again, but there were still no texts from our driver nor mommy. 

In the end, I took a deep sigh and walked to the opposite side of his car. 

I held my chest. Oh gosh, heart please don't come out!

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