Chapter Forty One

Chapter Forty One

I really wanted to go home, now more than ever, but of course, that wasn’t an option. Every time I built up the courage to look up, he had his back to me. Good, I didn’t want him staring, But the rejection he had shown towards me so randomly was making me feel like complete and utter shit. 

Andy brought our drinks over and sat down next to me. I moved away from him slightly and took the drink with me. I didn’t want to be anywhere near him, he had planned this and sure, he clearly didn’t know if James would be here because he didn’t know what had happened, but, he still tricked me to get me here and that was just as bad. 

‘What is with you tonight?’ He asked, acting like he had no clue what was going on. I just looked at him blankly,

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Amanda StJames
Not yet x hes still building up to it x
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Harley Jones
oh nooooo is this when Andy hurts her?!? 😢 and James is a jerk!

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