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As you can see from the title, this isn't a chapter, however, I just wanted to clear something up. This book is true, its 100% true and infact I have left a lot of things out because it would have been too much personal stuff to share. As you read the ending and remember everything you have read so far, please, just keep in mind that this actually happened to me. 

When you say ''She is being stupid for putting up with it'' or ''God, Hannah should just leave him'' or ''Why does she keep forgiving him'', know it actually Why didn't I leave him, why did I keep forgiving him, and honestly, because I thought I loved him and thought he loved me. Domestic violence is something you don't really realise is happening until its too late, until you already fear them too much to leave. 

I took a break from this book for months because it was mentally putting me in a bad place and I haven't updated this book in a week because again, it was starting to affect me. 

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Amanda StJames
To contract me to know, my handle is x_vampire_whore_x
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Amanda StJames
Thank you for the kinds words. I have tried to write the ending to this book, but simply cant. Its too much. However as you have paid to read this book, if you would like to know the ending/what happened that finally ended the relationship, please message me on Insta and I will tell you. thank you.
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Shar Kay
I think it is amazing and courageous of you to share your story. I am glad you are a survivor and an amazingly strong woman to share your story
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