Chapter One

Chapter One

** 7 months earlier ** 

My fingers started tapping the table nervously. I was waiting for my date to arrive. We decided on something simple for our first meeting. I had been talking to this really sweet older guy online for a few weeks now, and now I was just so eager to meet him. He didn't live far from me, only about 45 minutes with no traffic and since he drove and I didn't, he offered to come to me. It was small gestures like that that gave me a good feeling about him.

I had given up dating after my last failed relationship a few years ago, but, boredom drove me to recreate my OkCupid account. I'd never been a ''casual sex'' kind of girl, so, if I was going to look for something, I was looking for something serious, and for it to be serious, we had to have things in common...

Like our ideas of the perfect date, mutual hobbies, we had to be able to make each other laugh... And we had to have a sex life that was riddled with kink and BDSM.

My sexual interests were one of the main reasons I preferred to date older guys. I guess you could say I had a ''daddy'' kink. I liked older men before I really even understood or knew what sex and love were. I remember back when I was about 8, i had an infatuation with Johnny Depp. I thought he was the most handsome and attractive man I'd ever seen... I still do, but now I was in my early 20's and done some research, I really discovered all the psycho-babble-bullshit that was behind the kink known as DDLG... and it made sense.

They say that most of the time it stems from having a poor, abusive or no relationship with your father from a young age contributes. Obviously that probably isn't the case with EVERY person interested in DDLG, but, for me, It was. While I had a father in my life, and he IS still married to my mother, we don't get along. Due to his constant infidelity, our relationship was destroyed years ago. His constant betrayal of my mother was also a major factor as to why I don't trust men. At all...

But, I wasn't just in DDLG, I was more into BDSM with a little daddy-kink on the side. I've had kinky relationships before, I've even been the dominatrix in a relationship, and I enjoyed it, I would describe myself as a switch, but Andy? Andy was (apparently) a full dom... and I loved the idea of that.

Sexual stuff aside, he just seemed like a really cool interesting guy in general. When we stayed up all night talking with each other the first day we started talking, I found myself eager for every message he sent.

He was into drones and metal detecting which... Was a little geeky but in a cool, cute way. He was recently divorced and looking for love again. He had two kids, a daughter who was actually my age, 24, and a son who was in his early teens. I didn't care about that, if it didn't bother him, dating someone his daughter's age, then it didn't bother me... and he was a paramedic in London.

That alone was flipping awesome. A paramedic!! He literally saves lives on a daily basis.

I pulled my phone out to see if he had messaged me. He hadn't. When I checked the time, he was 10 minutes later. Whenever I was meant to meet someone, date or otherwise, and they are late, I always just automatically start worrying that something has happened... or in a date case, that I was being stood up.

I decided to just push the thoughts away and just go and order my drink. Walking up to the counter, I ordered my usual Coffee caramel frappuccino, large, and a cookie paid and went to wait. I checked my phone again and sighed.

Still nothing.

I didn't want to seem overeager already, but... If he had stood me up, I didn't want to just hang around here like a loser. I decided that just a quick, nonchalant text wouldn't cause any harm:

Me: Hey, I hope everything's Ok. Ordered my drink so, see you soon! :)

Ok, maybe that wasn't so nonchalant, but whatever, it was better than nothing, I suppose.

When my order number called, I took my drink back to the table and decided to just pass the time by playing a game on my phone. If he wasn't here within the next 5 minutes (making him 20 minutes late by that point) I was just going home.

This was the first date, he wasn't making a good impression so far...

I played a couple of games on candy crush, a few rounds of solitaire, and when I got bored of that, I checked the time and decided that enough was enough. Grabbing my drink, I walked out of the coffee shop and went into the supermarket that it was attached to.

I had a couple of things I needed to pick up, so, might as well do it now.

My basket was soon full of all my little bits and bobs and I headed to the trill. As I approached, I saw a guy who looked kind of like Angry.. but a lot older than he looked in the photos he had up on OkCupid... And a lot chubbier. I mean, sure, he wasn't huge and size never bothered me even if he was, I just don't like being surprised when it comes to meeting people in person if we met online.

My biggest pet peeve is when someone uses old photos of themselves and then it's like meeting a completely different person to the one in the photos. I just assumed it wasn't him and started scanning my items before bagging them, paying and leaving.

I was outside before I heard my name being called;

'Hannah? Hannah?!' I stopped and looked around. Sure enough, it was the guy I had seen inside the shop. It WAS Andy. he was still cute, but that wasn't the point. Letting it slide, I turned around and walked back over to him. 'Where are you going?' he seemed genuinely surprised that I was leaving.

'Well..' How do I say it without sounding sarky? 'I didn't think you were coming so...' I trailed off, feeling I had made my point with just the few words I had said... but apparently not.

'Why did you think that?' I just looked at him, blinking a few times.

'Well.. you're over half an hour late at this point and weren't replying to my messages so... It was kind of an easy thing to assume'. For a second I worried I had offended him, but she just smiled and apologised.

'Let me make it up to you by buying you a drink?' He gestured to the pub across from us. I didn't drink, he knew that, but maybe he meant a coke or juice. Either way, despite the fact I was telling myself ''he blew it, just go home'', I didn't take my own advice. I took him up on his offer and we headed across the street and into the pub... 


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