Chapter Two

Chapter Two 

We sat down at a random table and he asked me what I wanted to drink. I told him just a simple Coca Cola with no ice but a straw and he headed to the bar. I couldn't help but look him over as he stood and waited to be served.

He looked like Elton John. He actually looked like Elton John! His short blonde, gingery hair, his glasses... the ridiculous purple shirt... Wow. I just smiled and shook my head and looked away again.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. Normally, I didn't check messages or texts when I was on a date, but I stole another quick look up at him. He was still standing there, waiting to be served. I pulled my phone out to see who it was off, in case it was important and instantly felt my face heat up as a blush started to run its way across my cheeks. It was of him;

You look really cute x

I couldn't help but smile widely and put my phone away again. Ok.. that was cute.

When he got back to the table, he put my drink in front of me and sat across from me. I still couldn't stop smiling and started to feel a little embarrassed and shy.

'What's with the smile?' He asked coyly, clearly knowing it was his text that had put the smile on my face. I just shrugged.

'No reason'. He just grinned back and took a sip of his drink...

We just talked and talked... and talked some more. Just about the usual things you normally talk about on the first date. It was nice. chilled. No pressure.

Eventually, we started to feel a little bit hungry and decided to order some food. Just simple Weatherspoons pub food, you couldn't go wrong really. I waited to see what he was going to order before I did. I didn't want to get a full meal if he was only getting a small something. Luckily though, he ordered a mixed grill, So, I went for a chicken and bacon burger and chips.


I went with him to the bar this time when he ordered and even though I told him I didn't mind paying for myself or even for both lunches, he wouldn't let me... I felt bad, I hated it when someone paid for me, it made me feel almost uncomfortable, but he agreed to let me by dessert or another round of drinks, so that wasn't so bad, I suppose.

'So, what are you doing tomorrow?' He asked as we sat back down at the table. He placed a hand on my knee and I couldn't help but look down and another small smirk appeared on my face.

'Nothing, I don't think, why?'

'Well, Since the weather is so nice, I was thinking of going to Southend on Sea, to the beach, do you want to come?'

'I'd like that, yeah'. He grinned.

'Ok, good'. When I asked why he wanted to go to Southend, he told me he just wanted to get out of the main city for a while and since he had a day off and it was the middle of summer that the beach seemed like a good idea and I had to agree. 'You excited now?'

'Maybe..' I felt myself blush again.

'We could build sandcastles and have ice cream?' He suggested. I knew instantly what he was doing, he was trying to get me to slip into little mode... And it was working. It was like an automatic thing. He squeezed my knee.

'I'd like that'. I told him quietly.

'Yeah?' I nodded and he pulled away, sitting up straight and taking his hand off my knee.

'Good girl'. He opened his mouth to speak again when a waiter came over with our food. My stomach rumbled as soon as the smell hit my nose and we dug in. The whole ''DDLG'' conversion was over... for now...

After finishing our lunch and having some more conversion, we decided to go for a walk and ended up walking past the Build a Bear work shop. He suggested going in, which, I, of course was completely up for.

As soon as we walked in, it was like I was over come with the excitement of a little kid. It wasn't even anything to do with 'Little Space'', I just loved this place. It's like when you go into Toys R Us or a sweet shop, you just instantly revert back to your childhood.

We looked around a little before Andy went over and picked up a bear, showing it to me. A pink and purple sparkly unicorn.

'You like?' He asked, I nodded and he took it over to a member of staff to have them stuff it. Was he buying me a build a bear?!

Yes... yes, he was. He even put in a beating heart and a bubblegum scent, my favourite that he had obviously remembered me saying in one of our random late night phone calls. I tried not to act too childish in the shop, worried about the judgement, normally, I didn't care, but this was (mainly) a kids shop and I didn't want to look like a complete and utter tit.

As soon as we left though, I thanked him and he pulled me in for a big, tight hug.

He was making me feel really special. I'm not sure if he was doing it to make up for the fact he was so late if this was just how he was in general or because it was the first date, but whatever the reason, It was nice.

All too soon though, the date came to an end and I walked to the car park with him where he had parked up. When we got there, we were just stood, slightly awkwardly, staring at each other. I didn't know what to say, he clearly didn't either. He unlocked the vehicle and opened the door. I noticed his paramedic helmet in the front seat. He saw me staring and pulled it out, putting it on my head. It was huge, with a visor and everything, I guess that was for safety or something.

'It suits you'. I playfully rolled my eyes.

'It's cool'. I told him honestly. As stupid as it sounds, I'd never seen something like this ''in person''. He leaned over and grabbed a bag, explaining that it was his work stuff. He showed me a few bits and bobs that were like his daily essentials and then started explaining the little coloured card book he had. Apparently, all paramedics had one and when they attend a call, it's how they communicate the situation and the seriousness.

'...and this one means the person died'. He explained, finishing with the black card. I really did find it all interesting.

'Have you ever used it?' That was probably a stupid question. He nodded, of course, he had. He put his stuff back in the bag and I took the helmet off and passed it back over.

'Well, I best head off, there will be traffic heading back into the city'. I just nodded, understanding. He stepped forward and placed a small but meaningful kiss on my cheek. In a strange way, it was sweeter than if he had just kissed my lips.

'Ok, well... I'll talk to you later?' He nodded. 'Ok. Bye'.

'Bye'. He climbed into his driver's seat and I started walking back towards the shops where my bus stop was. As I walked away, I felt his eyes on my back.

I smile the whole way home.

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