Chasing Storm
Chasing Storm
Author: Keren Michael
~ Chapter 1 ~

The honking of the Taxi jerked me up at once. If I had know the ride from the airport to my new apartment would be this long, I would've bought tacos. I jumped out of the taxi, paid the fare and then greeted an elderly woman also entering the apartment building. 

I made my way quickly for the front desk. A red head smiled unknowingly at me. She was the one behind desk.

"How may I help you?" She asked. Somewhat grumpy. I traced the stain of ketchup on her shirt all the way, to her under table where a big burger sat. I was obviously disturbing her lunch. The tag on her shirt read. Judy.

"Hi, Judy. I'm here to collect the keys to my apartment."

Her brows rose up instantly. "And your name is?"

"Stormy Banks"

She pressed into her computer until she sighed and handed me a slip and then the key to my apartment.

"The house is all yours" she grinned at me. I'm sure she did that because she finally got rid of me. I read the number on the key. Apartment 50. I started up the elevator to my apartment eager to see it. Of course, I'd checked the house online before I bought it but still, the internet can be tricky.

Staring at Apt 50, a smile crept up on my face opening this door and stepping into this place is starting a new life. A new life away from Canada where my mom is. I turned the key in the lock and opened the door halfway. The sight of the wooden floor made me smile, next came the milky and ash wallpaper and then I stepped into a room of cushions and sofas. It wasn't all that big but everything was arranged and in order.

A thought came to me and I hurried to check out the most important place in the house. The place that made me love this apartment. I hurried to the kitchen and stared in awe at the wonderful sight. Everything was placed well. Cabinets, drawers, a coffee machine even sat on the counter.

A vision of me in the kitchen all day cooking and baking made me giggle out loud. It was no secret I love to cook and bake. The kitchen is where I work out most of my stress. I grabbed my phone from my bag calling my mom.

"Sweety" her voice was squeaky and I missed her instantly.

"Hey mom. I arrived already"

" was your flight darling?" The sound of an espresso machine going off in the background made me smile. I'm just like my mom. I could spend a whole day in the kitchen. Just having espresso.

"It was nice mom. Thanks for the first class ticket"

"Anything for you darling she gulped her espresso and made a satisfying sound. "So have you checked your apartment out?"

"I'm standing in the kitchen mom" I squealed.

"That's wonderful honey. Send me a pic" she chuckled. I instantly took pictures around the kitchen and gave a close shot of the coffee machine on the counter and sent it.

" when can I come visit" she sniffed.

"Anytime mom" we both giggled like school girls.

"So how about your school. You signed in yet?"

"I'll do that tomorrow. I'm jetlagged and need to rest" my fingers ran down the body of the coffee maker.

"Oh sure honey. Don't forget to take Ginseng tea, dear. It's relaxing" 

"Yes mom"

"Alright. Bye honey and take care of yourself" I told her bye and then the phone went dead. Great I need to charge. It went off right on time. I blew kisses in the kitchen before exiting and going up the stairs to check out my room. It was as beautiful as the rest of the room but nothing stood out to the kitchen.

I got into the shower and relaxed a bit before going back into the kitchen. I opened all the drawers. I need to go grocery shopping. I pulled out a ginseng tea bag and boiled it before adding milk to it. Mom was right. It is relaxing. 

I glanced at the wall clock. It was past five but I could still do a little shopping for breakfast tomorrow. I grabbed my coat and the key before locking up. I noticed Judy again and waved at her. She only grinned. She'll warm up to me anyway. She'll be seeing me more often now.

Instead of taking a taxi, I decided to walk down the street, at least checking out my surrounding. I discovered a mall was close by and then the sight of a certain Perry cafe made me jump. I skipped towards it. The place was downright amazing. It was also organised and put cleanly in an English style. I walked up to the bar stand. A pretty lady stood making cappuccino.

"Hey there"

"Oh..hi. didn't see you there" she smiled. I read her name tag. Barrister Rose. Hmm...I'm sure she could show me a few recipes on cafe makings.

"I'm sorry I startled you. I just saw this place and loved to come"

She leaned against the counter. "Let me guess, you love the art of cooking"

A smile crept up on my face. "I sure do" 

She clapped her hands pulling out a seat and ushering me to take a seat too. I grabbed a bar stool.

"You and I are going to get along swimmingly"

"How so?"

"I could show you some new cafe stunts. I've been dying to share it with Someone" Rose grinned. Her braces shown in The light.

"Well, good cause I'm ready to listen"

"First" Rose poured me a mug of espresso and then added milk. I took the mug with a thank you and then sipped on it. My brain sizzled. Now that's what you call an Espresso Macchiato.

If I had buzzed my mom and told her where I was, I knew she'd be giggling and sqealing in my ears. My mom always had this sweet little dream of opening her own cafe.

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