Between Then and Now
Between Then and Now
Author: Red


White flowers. 

Well decorated isle.

Red carpet.

Everything looks perfect. 

I’m marching in to the church holding an excellently arranged bouquet of flower. Smiling from ear to ear. 

I can already see the back of my man from the hall’s door. Then, coldness wrapped around me, thunders suddenly roared, I pivoted to see the slashing of lightning outside, I turned to look back at the altar but the man wearing a tuxedo is not there anymore, the crowd inside slowly disappeared.

I’m left alone.

I froze when a hand gripped my shoulder, I slowly moved my head to his direction and my heart almost left my chest.

A young man bowed down in front of me but as he showed me his gentle face,  eyeballs are missing. 

He’s saying something but I can’t understand it.


The sun kissing my pale skin woke me up.

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another good story to look for! gotta savour it quickly (*°▽°*)... btw,is there any way i can keep up with your work? do you have social media?

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