Chapter 1 | The Heart Never Forgets

“I promise to always remember you, love. The stars were our witnesses tonight “ he whispered in his usual gentle voice.

Opening up more of his little sweet promises.


Vien’s POV

I'm whining around the corner of my room's mini library, peach colored with little butterflies in the rear of the square, that was my favorite part, it brings out so much memoirs I never get tired of playing on my brain. I sat under my teal blue colored window. While lost in the edges, I suddenly heard a soft scratching sound near my head, I looked slowly and almost screamed out of terror the moment I saw a shadow.

I leaped when the figure appeared in front of me *phew* just a cat. My cat. 


“Ateeeee Vien! Please sign here!” she said in gentle giggles.

A girl merrily hops in front of the desk showing a copy of my book.

“Miss Vien, when will you release the part 3? Will Brylle finally remember his first love?”

I stopped when those questions penetrated on my senses. Everything stopped. All I can hear was my heart beat; hits a little bit faster every passing second. 

That story was my own story. 

That story written on the book authored by me was my own story. 

I suddenly stood up on that clumsy chair.... a young lady grabbed my shoulder.

“Miss Vien! Gosh! I almost missed the chance to have my boyfriend's favorite book get signed. You know what miss? He constantly mentions that the story was so familiar to him, like every word in each page tells a story of his past, I just laugh at him as if he's telling a story of his past life.” 

I stared at the ladies stern eyes then bitterly smiled, I was about to grab the book she's holding, when suddenly, a familiar silhouette across the hall started to make its way to me, I think my heart skipped a beat. A tear wants to escape from my eyes, I fought hard to stop it.

“Oh, miss Vien! I want you to meet my boyfriend, Brylle. Your main character in the book also got Brylle as his name. Your story was so sad, we're looking forward for the book 3. I hope that won't happen to us, right love?”

“That will never happen, even if it does, my heart won't forget you. "I promise to always remember you, love”

I turned my back away from them. Water up-welled from my eyes.

Those are the same words he uttered to me. The exact words the night before he met the slice of fate in that car accident. 

The part 3 was something that I don't know, something I will never know. I think that same Brylle will NEVER remember me. Or maybe the part 3 just happened?

I just continued walking trying still to compose myself.

“Thanks, Brylle! Iloveyou.”

I heard that a meter or less behind my back, it was too loud, or maybe it's all I can hear, my decision to just leave was right because I can't take it.

“Miss Vien! Wait!”

Miss Vien? Damn! I can't believe that I'll ever hear him call me at my first name, screw it Brylle. 



It's 3 am.

 My eyes were half closed. 

Dizzily, I picked up that crazy phone which was way too early than those  roosters from the outskirts of the town, tss.

“I don't remember putting an alarm at exactly 3am” I mumbled while trying to sit straight on my navy blue colored bed.

Chills started to run down my spine. That was when I realized that it was not an alarm.

25 missed calls from Brylle's mom

34 messages

My hands are shaking. The 7th message caught my attention.

Arianne Vien, please come here at Veneracion's hospital. Brylle was currently unconscious. Have courage, baby.

-Brylle's mom

-Received: 1:33 am/Thursday

The location was an hour drive, but without hesitation I geared up for full speed. 

After 30 minutes, I miraculously reached the hospital ALIVE.

I found myself crying on the hospital bed while staring at my wounded Brylle, his mom told me the whole story.

Brylle had an encounter with a drunk driver exactly at the intersection of Mapua St., The other driver was reported to race down the street at top speed, his car exploded and was consumed by fire, good thing that Brylle was rescued, fighting for his life.


8 am/Thursday, one week after that incident.

He moved his hand. My nerves rushed every remaining energy of my body to run and call for the doctor.

Outside the door, I waited even if every tick of the clock seemed to be forever.

“Hey love, Brylle, thank God”

I can't help but hold his hand while my eyes showed up my emotion of joy. But the whole me shattered when I heard his voice saying

“Who are you?”

Numb. That describes everything, my senses left my real self.  I drew a step back as my heart slowly melted down.



I was about to take another heavy step but I felt an extreme pain on my chest, literally. Then, everything went black.

I wish everything will stay as that, I wish.

Brylle's POV

“Miss Vien!” 

My voice almost cracked, it's like I'm holding myself back for a reason that I’m not really aware of. 

Jasmine held on my wrist tightly, enough for me to feel a pain, but, you know, a girl's strength, not so much compared to man. 

I stared at her. 




Those blazed on her deep blue eyes. I'm about to open my mouth to utter some question to my girlfriend when....


My senses threw me away to the direction of a young lady, I pulled my wrist from Jasmine's grip. 

I found myself carrying this innocent faced lady in mint green shirt partnered with a tattered jeans. I shouted for help; for rescue. I dashed a glimpse at her but it turned out to be a stare, my eyes we're enchanted on her long eyelashes then to her lengthy wavy hair. 

*thud* ____ *thud*___ *thud* __ *thud*

Gosh what's with this heart! Calm down!

This is a familiar feeling. 

Not long after, sirens were heard everywhere. I followed her with my gaze They took that lady from my strength.


Turning around. Jasmine was running towards me.

I came up to my senses when I felt a sudden strike of pain right through my head . No! Not this time! Not here!


I slowly opened my eyes. 

All white.

Everything around me was white. 

Then, my eyes we're locked to that someone on the edge of my bed.

 A scene started to appear on my memory.


*A girl on the edge of the hospital bed holding tightly on my left hand*

“Argh!” I softly grunted. Yeah, it really hurts when something plays in my mind, whenever I remember things up.

That girl slowly lifted her head.

“Ara? W-where's Ara?” in desperation, I roamed my gaze around.

She covered her mouth with her pale hands in disbelief. 

“Y-y... you re...memb... ember her, Brylle?”

After a long time passed without a reply, I nodded, then a tear fell on her eyes. Her lips quivered.

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