Chapter 2 | Count Off

Vien's POV

One white room.

Two tidy windows.

Three medicines on the side table.

Four hours of just staring at the ceiling.

My head aches as I'm forcing my brain to serve me right about the scene that happened earlier. It was spinning, a pattern of circles were dancing just to where I dart my look.  

Just before everything went black, I saw Brylle running towards me, then cut.

“Urgh, bloody!”

I unawarely uttered that loud. I scratched my head slightly, feeling the tension working on inside my head. I wish I really had a superpowers to see things that already took place even without my presence in the scene. In that manner, I might have written historical fictions better, and my brain wouldn't be this exhausted. 

Tsk Vien, you’re such a weakling! How could you let a simple baseball ball kissing your head made you pass out?! And why would a ball flight off inside a mall at the first place?

Five footsteps on the corridor.

*click* my eyes widened at the appearance of that gloomy shadow as the door opened.

“H-hi” I wasn’t sure whether that’s the right word to say to start off a conversation at the moment. But, I still give a friendly smile.

“Brylle remembered about you” she uttered in a straight forward and serious sorrowful tone. Her gaze were intensely locked on me.

I trailed my stare from her unstable eyes to her stiff toe. I can see that her knees are trembling no matter how hard she tried to stop it. Her left hand was tightly clenched on the grip of her bag. 

I filled  my lungs with cold air preparing myself for whatever she's about to say.

“I think he can already recall his past with YOU” she uttered without cutting her stern look at me. She lifted her right brow, showing her bitchy complexion.

Every broken piece of me started to mend on the cracks. The blanket of tears that cover me was slowly rolling out of the play. Unsung melodies started to uproar.

But as I did, the table turned for Jasmine in a haste. I can't take to see my best friend in that manner. My best friend? Or once my best friend?

Heavy breaths. Sigh. Tick of the clock. Then.....


Jasmine threw the medicine bottle from the table to that once tidy window. Messy glass pieces were scattered everywhere! She's insane!

“That can't happen! That must not happen” she yelled, suddenly, tears started to dampen her bluish eyes.

I turned my stare at her but she glared back as if I took everything away from her.

Is it I that took something or just her?

Six seconds.

Scared to death the moment she grabbed her bag and took out her scissors. She smiled in her crazy and silly face.

Seven heavy heart beats knocked on my chest.


That scream resounded inside the room.

Jasmine's POV


That was loud but not enough to over power the voice of Brylle that keeps ringing on my head *where's Ara?* Noooooo! I clenched my teeth and hanged in there.

I’m barred my hand, familiarizing myself with the possible spot to where I might stab her. Victory laughter was tagged along with me, it kept playing a merciless melody inside. I fixed my grip on Vien’s shoulder. I don't want to let that go, I will even grip tighter if I could!

“Stop!” someone said in a hard husky voice, I know that voice. I can’t make a mistake when it comes to him.

A powerful hand opposed my force from dabbing that mighty scissors to my greatest enemy- Arianne Vien! 

“Jasmine stop, I think that's too much.” 

He's not releasing my hand. It hurts but he seem to have no care about it at all. Crap! Tears want to roll down my cheeks badly.

I slowly turned to face him, I managed to plaster a calm aura.

“Hi, l-love. What are you doing here?” I tried to mask the pain with a lonely grimace.

“What are you doing here?” he continued whilst his brows are curled. I noticed that my boyfriend’s face hardened, I abruptly came back to my senses and secured my attention to him, he’s grunting and his eyes are fixed on me.

“I just came to visit your favorite author. V-Vien” I lied.

His intense gaze didn’t waver, I know I’m looking at a different Brylle right now, “Visit with scissors on your hand acting to stab her? What? You're playing a role play themed act-like-killing-me? Is it Jasmine?”

I tried to pick the nearest escape word but nothing flashed: mental blocked, that summarizes it. Then a meek figure started to move beside me. She's shaking.

“Leave me…..”

That was close to whisper yet so clear to rack my emotion. *You can't have Brylle back Ara* Ara? That's a nickname for Vien that was only used by Brylle: only him.

Brylle unconsciously freed my arm.

The next thing that happened turned every butterfly living on my stomach into dust.

“I can't leave you. This time, I'll stay.”

Brylle seemed to fire me on 'head shot'

It hurts… much. It felt like an alcohol was directly poured on my fresh inflicted wound. The man who gave me unfathomable happiness was the same man that showed a pin to pop up the bubble of sadness in me.

The parallel amazement in the aesthetic eyes of Brylle was reflected to Vien’s. I had a sudden surge of emotion towards them. I feel exactly the opposite.






And every electronized feelings started to shrink me. I just wish that it will be in a haste. I love Brylle so much, I cant let him go, I can’t, I’ve gone so much with him, I already drew out my best cards to keep him on my love. I already gave out and gave up so much, I cant quit now. Yet, I even wish that it was all a dream. PLEASE!

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