Chapter 8 | The Church

Ticks of the clock.

I opened my eyes only to find out that I'm at the hospital.

I can even smell the fumes coming out from the only God knows what kind of machine beside me.

"Alyana? Hey, you are awake, yey!" it was the small voice of Rave. She was about to leave, probably to call a nurse or to inform dad, but I grabbed her arm, "W-why, Alyana?" her voice was shaky, thinking that I gripped a little hard, I relaxed my hand.

"You don't have to be afraid, sweet heart. I just want to ask...w-what happened? Why am I here?" 

"Last night, when you are heading to your room, you are looking too seriously at something in your palm. Then after that, you wailed 'aaaahhh' and then you suddenly fainted" her eyes glimmered in tears, "And oh.

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