Love Beyond Death
Love Beyond Death
Author: Annabel Raven

“Help!” Only a thread from afar, making its way through the haziness on my slumber. “God, it’s too much!” A whisper, barely there, anguished, tormented, then pain. Horrible and excruciating pain ripping through my insides, tearing everything in its path.

There was only one time I felt this kind of pain, and it was when Liz died in my arms. I was so consumed by guilt and hatred, the devil in me rose to the surface and I spared nothing or anyone on my path.

I snapped my eyes opened as one more jolt of electricity coursed through me, frying my flesh. I bared my fangs and hissed as my body heated to a searing point and convulsed. What was wrong with me? Late punishment for my evil deeds?

“Please… Stop!” The yell was stronger this time, and another wave washed over my skin. Each of my muscles cramped in such a terrible way I swore they were being reaped open or something, the agony too much! When I thought death would welcome me, my body relaxed, leaving me painting and gasping for air. “You’re dead.” It was a menace, and the last I heard of the voice.

“Liz!” I whispered and dragged air into my burning lungs. She was in trouble. But how? Power surged, overrunning me, and in one swift movement I exploded from my resting place. Rocks, stones, and dust erupting all around. I fell to the ground on my knees, breathing large amounts of fresh cold air, coughing and vomiting. I felt so disoriented, and after so long, I looked to the sky so full of stars, and it spun out of control, making me even dizzier.

“Alizandra!” I looked at the chilly night sky and her name came out in a low growl. As they felt the disturbing power, animals scurried and flew away from the monster who had risen once more. I was back again…

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the passage has rhyme.

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