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Top Story: Two Charlottesville Police Officers were found mauled to death at a neighborhood street in Albemarle County.

Charlottesville, Va. (WVIR)- Charlottesville’s own policemen were discovered dead on the street at a nearby neighborhood in Albemarle County.

Officer Brian Bowers and Officer Chris Hudson were horrifically murdered. The incident happened today around 2am. Commissioner Adam gave orders to these officers to watch over the streets of Albemarle County, to see if any suspicious behavior was happening.

Nearby neighbors at the scene of the crime told authorities that they heard loud gunshots. But they did not know who fired them or who got shot.

When police searched the area, they did not see any bullets or anyone else’s blood. The only guns present were the assigned Glock 22’s that the officers carried. It seemed like they were trying to shoot someone or something, but ended up with them being killed.

What police did discover is that both of the men were devoured to death. Their necks were torn apart leaving nothing but bones, blood, and meat showing. Officer Hudson had a lot of gruesome scratch marks on his face.

Fellow police officers and medical examiners were confused if a human or some type of dangerous animal viciously attacked them. Police are still on the search for whoever or whatever has caused their deaths.

Charlottesville and Albemarle County police department advise any Virginia residents to contact your local authorities if you know who or what caused their deaths. They are also advising American citizens to be aware and stay safe.

NBC29 station got audio and visual recordings of Commissioner Adam, Chief of Police Amanda Brack, the wife of Officer Bowers, and the girlfriend of Officer Hudson sharing their thoughts and feelings on the incident.

Commissioner Adam: The death of these brave and heroic officers scarred me for life. I have never seen anything this harrowing and cold-blooded in almost a decade. Just talking it is making me sick to my stomach. Both Charlottesville and Albemarle County police department are working really hard to find out who brutality murdered our own kind. I don’t believe any animal would do such a vile thing. I know that the killer is still out there. Who ever killed them is a savage. When we find that person, they’re are going to receive the ultimate punishment. Not only this is a sad time for Virginia, but it’s a depressing time for America. Killing cops is the most un-American thing anyone can do. Let’s bring justice to our fallen officers.

Chief of Police Amanda Brack: It really is a sad time. But let’s not mourn over of these officers, let’s celebrate their accomplishments and sacrifice they gave to the department. They saved so many people’s lives from danger. Whether it would be murder, drugs, sexual assault cases, sex trafficking, or saving a cat out of a tree—these men were heroes and I’m happy they were in our force. When the time is right, there’s going to be a funeral dedicated to the both of them. I feel so sorry for their loved ones.

Ashley Bowers [Crying uncontrollably and wheezing while sharing]: I don’t even know what to say.... It feels so wrong that I have to speak upon my deceased husband. We have been married for over ten years and it hurts that we couldn’t experience another decade together. My five year old son has been crying the whole day ever since we were told about the tragic death. Now he’s going to end up fatherless. I don’t really care if some random person or an ant killed him, I want whoever that did it to feel and experience the same torture they caused to my husband. [sighs heavily] Can you guys stop filming me? I need to be alone!

Lea Johnson: 24 hours ago, my boyfriend and I were discussing about having our first child together and eventually getting married. The last thing I told him was to stay safe and come back home in one piec... [Cries suddenly] I-I’m sorry. It’s just so hard knowing that such a nice, caring and lovable man would get murdered viciously. When we had our first date, we went to Paris and stayed there for three months. No man has ever treated me well and with such high value before. It’s sad that we didn’t get married and have a child together.

Lea Johnson: I don’t really blame the killer, I blame the commissioner and the police department for allowing my boyfriend to work after hours. If there’s danger in the neighborhood, let the neighbors deal with it and then inform officers. Not let officers stay up all night and wait for something bad to happen. Commissioner Adam and the rest of Charlottesville police department need to change how they operate. They need to personally apologize to me and my late boyfriend. Also I don’t know why Commissioner Adam is calling all the shots, when Chief of Police should be handling the officers. Plus he did not apologize for coming up with the idea. Amanda Brack is a better leader than George Adam. I know for a fact that if she had full control, my boyfriend would be still alive today. Even though he is gone, I know he’s smiling back at me; sending me love from above.

This is truly a heartbreaking time for Virginia and America. If you want to know more information about Officer Bowers and Officer Hudson, visit our website to learn their tremendous come up and how they were excellent cops.

Chief of Police Amanda Brack is doing a donation on GoFundMe to help raise over a million dollars to give to their significant others and their family members. She mentioned that, “It would mean the world if the citizens of Virginia helped make a broken family find peace again. Plus it is hard for a single mother to raise a child by her own. It is damaging for a girlfriend knowing that their soon to be husband is no longer with her. So please donate with the kindness of your heart and let’s bring unity back to Virginia.” So far, the donation has raised 5K.

This has been NBC29, warning everyone to stay safe and be aware. Thank you!

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