Kalisha, Part 1

Kalisha’s POV

Walking through an empty alleyway trying to get home after feasting on a human soul.

Sometimes I feel bad for taking away a mortal’s life. Playing with God and death. But I only feel bad for the beings who does not have cold blood.

I cannot stand people who are more evil and monstrous than me, it makes me want to rip them apart and drain any remaining blood they have.

[Deep sigh]

I had to calm myself down, I just want to go home and not think about death.

I am wearing a African print bomber jacket with long sleeves. I have a black T-shirt tucked into my blue jeans. On my feet are black Remishoes athletic microfiber fabric rivet slip on platform sneakers. Light makeup on my face with purple colored nails. I have on golden hoop earrings. I am wearing a golden necklace and a diamond rolex on my left hand. I am carrying my mini purse with me.

I have on a green, white, and green Dhuku tied like a bow. I’m insecure showing my natural hair, because it’s too short and I hate getting human blood on it. Plus I look and feel good with a Dhuku on.

I love representing my Yoruba culture. Yoruba is such a beautiful place with amazing art sculptures, mouthwatering food, our unique Eyo Festival, entertaining movies and TV shows, beautiful clothing, beautiful people, and beautiful language.

My favorite word to say in Yoruba is “Isokan” which means “Unity”. Without unity, there won’t be peace or teamwork. Plus without unity, there would be more bloodsuckers like me who aren’t as remorseful.

[Foot steps approaching]

I heard footsteps coming my way, which made me snarl and sense where this being is at.

All I see are feral cats roaming around in the garbage.

I turn back around and continue to walk, until a robber wearing a ski mask tried to steal my purse.

I didn’t have time for any foolishness, all I want to do is go home and relax. I am not going to waste my breath screaming for a guy who reek more than the trash.

“Give me your purse or else you can kiss your life goodbye!”, the robber threatens me.

I gave him a smirk “I am already dead”

My eyes started to glow red, blinding the eyes of the robber. He lets go of my purse and covers his eyes. Once I have him in a vulnerable position, my mouth agape and I tore into his pathetic neck.

He screams and pleads for his life, but I am too busy enjoying my dinner. Also mother told me to never play with my food.

It feels so good devouring cold blooded mortals, thinking the world revolves around them and they can torture the innocent.

I may not be God or be able to worship a higher power, but it lifts my spirit seeing one less devil bringing hell on earth.

As I am feasting, I sense another being lurking somewhere.

“Who’s out there? I know you are here! You better leave before you end up dead!” I sent out a warning.

No one answered back or stepped forward. So I get up and investigate who is also in my presence.

“I’m warning you for the last time. If you don’t expose yourself, you will be torn into pieces!”, I sent out one last warning.

[Foot steps approaching]

Hearing another being’s footsteps made me growl. The footsteps came closer, which made me turn around and leap on top of the mysterious person.

When I got on top of the being and had a clearer vision of what the person looks like, to my surprise, it was a man with the same skin color as me.

To my greater surprise, this man is not struggling or fighting back. He is just staring at me deeply and I cannot deny, his eyes are mesmerizing to look at. But I didn’t want to let some man distract me. Plus this guy could be equally as evil as the robber.

“Who are you? Why are you here? Why are you stalking me? Are you here to steal my purse? Do you want to kill me? Talk to me dammit!!!”, I frantically asks.

This guy does not say anything to me. So I decided to speak Yoruba, maybe he does not understand English.

“Hey, Emi ko mọ ẹniti o jẹ ati Emi ko mọ kini awọn ero rẹ jẹ. Pẹlu Emi ko fẹ lati pa eniyan miiran pẹlu awọ awọ kanna bi emi. Nitorinaa ṣe o le sọ nkan? Ohunkohun ni gbogbo, Emi ko bikita!”

English translation: “Hey, I don’t know who you are and I don’t know what your intentions are. Plus I don’t want to kill another person with the same skin color as me. So can you please say something? Anything at all, I don’t care!”

This man is driving me crazy. Why is he not responding to me? I really don’t want to kill him, because not only he looks like an angel but I hate harming my own race.

I love my melanin queens and kings. I believe we shouldn’t harm each other for petty or foolish reasons.

But this guy is not making it easy on me. So I give him one last warning.

“I don’t know why you came all the way here to not talk. I’m not just your average woman that you can easily take advantage of, I am not a mortal and I will end your existence if you don’t say something. I don’t care if you have the same skin color as me, it’s rude to not respond back.”

Ugh... I had enough of this guy. If he can’t have the common curtesy to talk to me, then what’s the point of keeping him alive.

My eyes start to turn red, my nails are becoming sharp as knives, and my mouth is ready to chew on his neck.

“I warned you!”

I am about to rip out his neck with my mouth, until he opened his mouth and showed me his tongue.

I stopped, because I am mortified by what I just witnessed.

“Jesus Christ of Nazareth!”, I shriek out loud.

His tongue is cut in half, just looking at it made me feel nauseous.

I get off and let him stand up. I have so many questions to ask.

“What happened to your tongue? Why is it cut in half? Who did this to you?”

The man is still not speaking. I know I should be easy on him, because his tongue was sliced in half—but I really want to know if he can talk or not.

“I am sorry about what happened to you, but can you please try to communicate with me. I don’t care if your speech is not good, just say the first thing that pops into your mind.”

I waited patiently for a good minute to hear him say anything to me, but he just stared at me like a fish that needs water. I decided to give up, because there is no use communicating with someone who doesn’t acknowledge you.

“You know what... Fuck you! I hope you and your tongue keep each other safe, because you don’t need my help.” I told him as I turn around and walk away with my head down low.

“Y-y-you ha-ve a bea-uti-ful voi-ce”

My heart is pounding and my eyes are glowing as I couldn’t believe that the man actually talks. What made me blush is that he considers my voice beautiful, which made me squeal on the inside.

I turn around and walk back to him to make him clarify what he just told me.

“What did you just say?”, I ask him.

“I said... Your voice is beautiful”

This sensation I am feeling is warming up my heart and I cannot stop smiling like a little school girl.

I start to analyze his body, he is the true definition of an angel. His muscles and abs are seen through his clothes. His lips are big and kissable. His jawline can kill anyone in a heartbeat. His fashion is impeccable. His eyes are so magical and I cannot stop looking at them.

But I don’t want to get too lovestruck yet, I still got a lot more questions and information I need to know. However, I did not feel comfortable staying in this alleyway with a dead being, trash, and feral cats laying around.

“I usually don’t do this whenever I meet a new person, but do you want to come over to my place?”, I ask him.

“Are you sure you’re comfortable with a stranger you just met at your house?”

“Not really, but you’re something special and I want to get to know you more.” I told him.

“Okay. What should we do with the dead guy?”

“Oh him...umm... Let the feral cats deal with him. I bet they haven’t eaten a meal in a while. So let’s just forget about that piece of shit.” I responded back.


“Also don’t try anything funny; if you lie to me, take advantage of me, play with my emotions, or hurt me—Let’s say that your tongue won’t be the only part of your body that will be cut in half. Do you understand?”


I smiled with joy.

We both left the alleyway as we start to get to know each other properly.



It is 10:00 pm and I’m still searching for a crooked cop. Usually it’s easy for me to find a police officer lurking around the streets. But tonight, it seems like the piggies went back to their farms.

But I did smell another being close to me, which is throwing me off.

I continued to search for this mysterious person my nose was sensing, until I found nothing.

I wanted to give up at that moment. But then, I heard a male shriek. The noise is coming from a dark alleyway. I carefully checked what is going on and what I’ve witnessed left me speechless.

I see a guy in a ski mask being devoured by a woman. But not just any woman, but a black vampire.

After searching for my entire life if there are any other black vampires like me, I finally discovered another one of my kind.

But I didn’t have enough time to take in this moment, since she start to sense that another being is in her presence.

I tried to stand still as possible, so that she won’t think I’m attacking her.

She sent out two warnings asking whoever to expose themselves before they end up dead.

So I took a couple of steps to get slowly closer to her. My footsteps are so loud that even the feral cats heard them from a mile away.

Then out of nowhere, she leaped onto me and I fell to the ground. She is on top of me.

It did hurt for a few seconds when she got on top of me, since the bullet wounds still did damage to my body. Usually I’d fight back, but I couldn’t help how heavenly she looks.

Her skin is dark as night, but it’s so mesmerizing and sexy. Her fashion is so eye-catching with the different amount of colors. She has light makeup on her face, but still looks like a work of art. Her lips are so soft, her body makes you want to cry, and her eyes are so hypnotizing.

But what makes her so heavenly to me is that she oozes out culture. I don’t know which part of Africa she is from, but she is representing her country well.

She starts to ask me a lot of questions, but I didn’t say anything because I did not know what to say and I was too distracted by her beauty.

Then she starts speaking in a different language to me, which caught my attention because I never heard such a wonderful way to speak before. Especially when she speaks it, she speaks it so fluently with a lot of thickness and sexiness.

I can’t tell which African country that language comes from, but it surely did melt my non-living heart.

But I got snapped back to reality when she gave me one last warning. I wanted to say something, but I am afraid that she wouldn’t like my voice or speech.

That didn’t matter anyway, since she is so angry that she transformed into her Vampire form.

Most people would be afraid, but I shed a tear because I never met another black vampire like me. So seeing one this close to me made joyful, even though she is angry.

But my smile changed when she is about to devour my neck and tear me to pieces.

I didn’t know how to react, so I showed her my tongue as a way for her to stop.

I know that’s a idiotic thing to do, but somehow, it works. She is horrified when witnessing my half cut tongue.

She gets off of me and starts asking questions about what happened to my tongue and who did cut it off. I did not feel comfortable answering that question yet, since I don’t know myself.

Then she starts to feel sorry for me and all she wants for me to do is to communicate. She even wants me to say the first thing that comes from my head.

I did have a lot of thoughts running through my head, but I knew it was going to come off as awkward or incoherent.

Now she told me to fuck off as she turns around and walk away with her head down. I feel like a major asshole for not communicating with her. So I decided to say something to her no matter if comes off as weird sounding or inaudible.

I let out a quiet gulp before trying to speak.

“Y-y-you ha-ve a bea-uti-ful voi-ce”, I am struggling to say, since it’s been a long time I spoke to anyone.

She turns around and gets closer to me. She asks me to repeat what I just said.

I did not want to sound awkward or nervous again. So I clear my throat and spoke with confidence.

“I said... Your voice is beautiful”, I told her again. Thankfully, I didn’t sound too awkward this time when I said it.

She starts to blush and has a huge smile on her face. Which made me smile as well.

Then she ask me if I want to come over to her house, which I did not expect. Plus this is the first time we met and we barely know each other.

I ask her if she is comfortable with letting a stranger in her house. She is honest by responding with a “no”, but she told me that I am special and wants to get know about me more. I want to know about her more as well.

Before I could agree, I ask her about the dead guy and what should we do with him.

She responds with, “Oh him...umm... Let the feral cats deal with him. I bet they haven’t eaten a meal in a while. So let’s just forget about that piece of shit.”

Her response is odd, but I didn’t want to question her decisions.

She gives me another warning explaining to never hurt or take advantage of her in anyway or else another part of my body will be cut in half.

So I agreed and we left the alleyway.

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