Chapter 1420 Don’t Be Afraid, I’ll Stay With You

How could Yvonne not see through his refusal?

When she thought of the doting love she had experienced in the past and the end of her fate with this child in the future, Yvonne cried again and said in a trembling voice, "I... I will guard you..."

Hearing this, Lawrence did not respond, but closed his eyes right in front of her...

Seeing her nephew like this, Yvonne understood that her relationship with this child had come to an end...

The things that she was left was this child’s “heartless fee” and her own “heartless fee”.

However, even though her heart was still throbbing with pain, even though the palms and backs of her hands were all flesh and blood, they were still her own flesh and blood. For the sake of her own child, she could only disregard her conscience this time.

At this point, Yvonne’s eyes also turned red. When she walked out of the ward, she kept on wiping her tears...

She didn’t want to be this selfish either! However, she had blindly married the wrong man. If she
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