Chapter 1421 He’s Going Crazy With Joy!

It was a triplets!

Not to mention Mrs. Stone and Jenny, Zachary was stunned when he heard that...

The Klein family had never had a twin before, but now, they had three at once.

He was about to go crazy with joy, and in front of his mother, he lifted her up and spun around a few times, scaring her so much that she knocked on his door.

It was not until he had finally let go of her that he suddenly hugged Jenny tightly. Then...

She could feel the warmth coming from her shoulder area...

Was...he crying?

This man was too much. He had a smile on his face at all times, yet he actually shed tears because of something like this. However, her heart warmed even more when she saw him like this.

Moreover, when she first knew that she was pregnant, her first reaction was to worry about whether she could get it or not!

But now it seemed that even if he didn't want it, he wouldn't allow it!

Moreover, there were three of them!

The two of them held each other in their arms for a long time, wh
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