Chapter 1422 Don't Worry!

Mrs. Stone could tell that she had plans, but she didn't intend to give in at all. She even said, "Isn't it great? With her rich experience, she can find any girl she wants. As for my daughter, with her stubborn character, she probably won't get married in a short time. It's just the right time to raise a child. Don't worry!"

How could she let Mrs. Klein feel at ease?

No matter what, she was still his grandson or granddaughter. At her age, she had wanted the third generation for a long time, so...

She wanted to keep this child and asked, "Do you really think so? Or are you the only one who thinks so? Have you asked Jenny?"

"I made the decision for her, and I took the money for her..."

"This... is not good!"

Mrs. Klein wanted to say more, but Mrs. Stone waved her hand and said bluntly, "There's nothing good about it. It's better than hitting a child again... Anyway, your family can't accept Mark's grandson, so it's better not to delay."


These words rendered Mrs. Klein spee
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